Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur(2017-18)

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Process :
The process of selection at XLRI consists of Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.
Feedback - Group Discussion
No. of Panelists : 10 candidates
Duration : 30 minutes
Topics :
  • The true guardian of democracy should be autocratic in nature.
  • Abortion should not be prohibited by law, and it should be at the discretion of the mother.
  • Does ranking of business schools convey the true picture of management education in India?
  • Should the Government solely be blamed for unemployment in India?
  • Online existence is achieved at the cost of real life achievements.
Feedback - Personal Interview
No. of panelists : 3
Duration : 15-30 minutes
Excerpt from Interview 1 -
Candidate Profile :  NIT Trichy, Fresher
Why aren’t you working? Why do you want to opt for MBA? Give two strong reasons. What are isotones? How are organic compounds different from inorganic compounds? What did you do in your internship in Germany? How are German work ethics different from Indian work ethics? What are your hobbies?
Excerpt from Interview 2 :
Candidate Profile :  Computer Engineer, Work ex: 10 months as Data Engineer
Tell us something about your job? What is your role? How is a bubble chart better than a bar chart? You have data of infant mortality, average life expectancy and literacy rate. They’ve no correlation between them so how would you visualize it in one chart. Draw the same. Tell me two things that you don’t like about your company. Tell us about your clients. You don’t need to name them just industry/domain. What do you do in your free time? Which books have you read? Tell me about the last trip you had. What did you learn from the trip?
Excerpt from Interview 3 -
Candidate Profile : B. Com, Chartered Accountant
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So you're working in Deloitte. Tell us about that. You're aware of the scams happening around like PNB etc. What do you think is the reason? Is it not being audited properly? So, the audit is not being done properly? So, is this illegal? Tell me about the PNB scam. How did they escape audit? So, not auditing properly is illegal? Which was your favorite subject during college? (The candidate mentioned financial management) So, what all did you study there? What is capital budgeting? What are financial ratios? Can you give us an example when someone has been angry at you? Are you a single child? Tell us about an incident where you saw something wrong being done and you were powerless to stop it, something from your work. What does your father do? Tell me why MBA? What kind of role are you looking for post MBA? Did you give cat? Which other calls do you have?
Excerpt from Interview 4 -
Candidate Profile : Engineer, Fresher
So you have studied in South Point High School. Where is it located? Which board is the school affiliated to? Why do you think that the good schools in Kolkata are converting to CBSE from West Bengal board? Tell us what have you prepared for this interview? So tell us about some generic B-school interview questions. Will you hire someone who had done money laundering in your company to save his family? Can you think of some other cases of the same situation? Tell us about your hobbies. Who's your favorite Bengali author? How do you think Satyajit Ray and Swaradindu Bandyopadhyay's detective novels are different? Tell us some strengths and weaknesses that you have.
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