Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak (2021 - 22)

IIM Rohtak counts among the second generation of IIMs. It ranks in the list of top five IIMs in the field of research.The institute offers a two-year full-time PGP in Management, that focuses on training students for the modern industry environment. The final admission is granted as per the CAT score, gender/academic diversity, and interview performance of the candidate.
Selection Process
The admission procedure for PGP ’22 followed the given order:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT scoreand overall profile)
  • Personal interview (including Extempore)
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Extempore Topics
The candidates were given an extempore topic during their interview.Each candidate had 30 seconds to think and 2 minutes to speak. These topics were based on current issues/events or general topics. Listed below are some of the extempore topics assigned to the candidates:
  • Negative points of Budget 2022
  • Challenges faced by Electric Vehicles in India
  • Was the recent pandemic a boom to climate change?
  • Should India launch its own digital currency?
  • Is Management an art or science?
  • Managerial lessons learned from your favourite movie or web series
  • Can luck define success?
  • Navigating through change or transition
  • Future of Cryptocurrencies in India
  • Future of Metaverse
  • Are women better managers than men?
  • Bullet Train: Pride or waste of money for India?
  • Patience is a virtue.
Interview Experiences
A group of two panellists tested the candidates’ knowledge of their graduation subjects and general awareness. Questions related to work experience, career goals, hobbies, and other preferences were very few. The average duration of an interview was 20-40 minutes per candidate. Here are the details of the interview experiences of four candidates at IIM Rohtak:
Interview 1:
Background:B.Tech (Mechanical), Work Ex of 11 months
  • What is your percentile in CAT 2021? Show your documents related to class 10th,12th, and graduation.
  • What is thermodynamics? What is entropy?
  • What is the difference between gravity and gravitation?
  • What is the capital of Andhra Pradesh? OfTelangana? And what of Gujarat? Who is the CM of Andhra Pradesh?And of Gujarat?
  • Can you name five popular politicians of Uttar Pradesh?
  • Who wrote Mahabharata? Who was the Father of Karna? Who was the father of Bhishma?
  • Who was the only Indian to win an Olympic medal in 2000?
  • Do you know which former Central minister won a medal in the 2004 Olympics?To which State did he belong?
  • Who is the current health minister of India? Who is the current Youth Affairs Minister? And the current Finance Minister?
  • Can you name three books written by Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam?
  • Who was the second Prime Minister of India? And the second President?
  • How many medals has Usain Bolt won in the Olympics? What is his 100m World Record? Who is Lebron James? And Michael Johnson (Not Michael Jordan)?
  • Do you know the full forms of ISRO and DRDO?
Interview 2:
  • What is intranet? What is internet? Which company provides intranet?Who develops World Wide Web?
  • Are you aware of the popular Indian CEOs? Can you name some Indian CEOs in the tech domain?
  • Which companies provide DNS?
  • Who was the first woman IPS officer of India?
  • What is the difference between longitude and latitude? What is the time difference while crossing one longitude? What are the uses of longitude and latitude?
  • What is the difference between RajyaSabha and LokSabha? What is the number of Anglo-Indian members in RajyaSabha?
  • How many unique handshakes are possible when there are 10 people in the room?
  • What is NFT? How does it work? How is NFT different from Crypto?
Interview 3:
Background: B.Com, Fresher
  • Why MBA now?
  • What subjects did you take up in graduation? Which is your favourite subject?
  • Do you know about the CAPM model?And its equation?
  • What are Beta and Alpha? How do you calculate Beta? What is the difference between Correlation and Covariance?
  • What is the ESG model of Valuation?
  • Integratee^logx. Draw its graph.
  • Which is the cleanest city of India? And the 2nd cleanest?Who is the Finance minister of India? Who is the Railway minister? And the Education minister?
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Interview 4:
Background:B.Sc (Electronics), Fresher
CAT percentile: 95.65
  • Show your UG Degree Certificate.
  • What is the MOSFET? What is VLSI’s component?
  • What is the XOR gate? Draw its truth table andBoolean expression.
  • What are diode and triode? What is bridge diode? And Zener diode?
  • How many pins are there in 8051 IC and 8085 IC?What is its programming language?
  • You belong to Kurukshetra, so tell me the name of the popular lake in your city? What is its religious significance? Which is the 2nd lake made by Lord Brahma?For how many days was the Mahabharata war fought? On which day did Bhishma die? Who was Vrishsen?
  • Who was the king of Thanesar? The battle of Thanesarwas fought between whom? Who was the first Chineseto visit Thanesar?
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