Management Development Institute (2021 - 22)

One of the earliest B-schools of India, MDI ranks #11 as per NIRF in the management category. It offers the flagship PGDM, PGDM in Human Resource Management, and PGDM in International Business. In the first stage, the candidates are shortlisted as per CAT/GMAT scores. The final admission is determined by a range of factors; including interview performance, CAT/GMAT scores, past academic marks, academic diversity, social diversity, and work experience.
Selection Process
The admission process for PGDM 2022 at MDI was as follows:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT/GMAT score)
  • Personal Interview
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Interview Experiences
A group of 2 panellists probed the candidates on their professional goals, work experience, academics, and general awareness. Some of them were also asked questions about their native place and family background. Each interview lasted for an average of 20-25 minutes. Here are some of the experiences shared by candidates interviewed for MDI Gurgaon and MDI Murshidabad:
Interview 1:
Background:B.A. (Hons.) Economics, Work Ex of 7 months at a start-up
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • So, you are an economics grad, tell me how are economics and business related?
  • Tell us about the current inflation scenario.
  • What is the impact of the increase in interest rate on businesses?
  • What strategies can businesses use to keep their profits intact?
  • In what category will you classify start-ups?
  • Are you aware of the budget reforms for MSMEs?
  • What did you do at Grofers? Why did you leave? How will Zomato help Blinkit?
  • Explain your father’s business model.
  • Should the government regulate cryptocurrency?
Interview 2:
Background:Worked in an NGO
  • Introduce yourself
  • How does the profit utilisation of NGOs work? What are salary norms for an NGO?What activities/events have you carried out so far?
  • What projects is your NGO currently doing?
  • What is CSR? What are the provisions related to CSR?
  • Do you follow current affairs?
  • How is Kolkata different from Mumbai or Delhi? What do you think aboutWest Bengal’s economy? (Candidate belonged to Kolkata)
  • Are literature and art really important for society?
Interview 3:
Background:B.Tech (ECE), Work Ex of 1.5 yearin FinTech
  • Where are you from? Can you tell us more about your State?
  • Tell us about your work experience.
  • What is the difference betweenElectronics and Electrical Engineering?
  • What is GSM? How has it been modified? What technology is being used now? Can you tell me about different generations? What is the difference between CDMA and GSM? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Which company uses GSM, which uses CDMA? What is VLSI?
  • Are you aware of the steps taken by the government for chip shortage?
  • How can we solve it as engineers? If you can contribute so much as an engineer, then why MBA? What do you know of the Indian economy? How canwe reach the 5 trillion dollar mark? What can we do as a manager? What steps is the government taking?
  • Do you know about the organizations like ASEAN, NATO, BRICS, etc.? What are they for, and are they effective?
  • What is SEO?
  • What are sustainability goals? Can you list a few of them?
  • What is ISRO? What is their equivalent in the US?What are the milestones of NASA? Compare ISRO and NASA.
  • What are your hobbies? How do you manage your job and hobbies?
  • Do you know about the current Ukraine issue? What is India’s stance on it?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
Interview 4:
Background:B.Sc (Computer Science)
  • How are you?
  • Introduce Yourself.
  • Who is the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University? How many colleges come under Delhi University? (Candidate was from Delhi University)
  • Tell me, how many seats are there in the Delhi legislative assembly? How many seats is the ruling party occupying? Who is the Chairperson of RajyaSabha? Who is he?
  • Tell me which three sectors are most affected by Covid?
  • Are you aware of the acquisition of Air India by the TATAs? Who is the new CEO of Air India? Who is the CEO of Indigo?
  • Which are some of the FMCG companies? Who is the CEO of HUL?
  • What is the difference between Big Data and IoT? What is Big Data?
  • You’re from computer science background, right? Do you know what’s trending in your field?
  • Tell me about three applications of AI and ML in Healthcare.
  • Why didn’t you go for placements?
  • Do you have other calls? Is this your first interview? How was the first interview? What did you discuss in that interview?
Interview 5:
Background:Work Ex at Wipro
  • Introduce yourself
  • What is the attrition rate at Wipro? Does Wipro have any contracts?
  • Which company do you trust more? Wipro or Cognizant?
  • Why MBA? Which specialisation do you prefer?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • In India, how could covidbe handled in a better way?
  • What is a unicorn start-up? If given a chance, would you work in a start-up?
  • Do you know about RBI? What are the roles and tasks of RBI? Why has RBI taken some forest reserves?
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Interview 6:
  • Do you think crypto is more a short-term bubble than a long-term investment?
  • What are the key pointers of the budget?
  • How can probability be used in finance?
  • Was GST a good move?
  • Should the companies continue the work-from-home systemaftercovid?
  • Do you know where Murshidabad is?
  • Which specializations areyou looking for and why?
  • What are your long-term goals?
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