Indian Institute of Management, Indore (2021-22)

IIM Indore is one of the premier management institutes andknown for raising socially-responsible leaders and managers. It shortlists candidates on the basis of their CAT percentile. Ranked 4th among the IIMs and featured in the top 10 B-schools of India, IIM-I offers PGP in Management and PGP in HRM. The final admission is decided by a composite score; computed as per the candidate’s CAT percentile, academic performance, diversity factors, and interview performance.
Selection Process
The admission process for PGP ’22 followed the given order:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT scoreand overall profile)
  • Personal interview (including Extempore)
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Extempore Topics
During the interview, each candidate was given 30 seconds to think and 1 minute to speak on a specific topic. In some interviews, the given topic was changed to another, on the candidate’s request. These topics were mostly based on general topics or the latest happenings. Listed below are the common extempore topics assigned to the candidates:
  • Work-from-home allowed indefinitely
  • Price of World Peace
  • For economic development in India, the focus needs to shift from services to the manufacturing sector
  • How does the merging of banks affect stock indices?
  • Electric cars in India - Is it good or bad?
  • Politicization of religious leaders
  • Carbon footprint agreement COP26
  • US should be a socialist state.
Interview Experiences
The interviews were taken by a group of 2 panellists.Most of the candidates were put questions regarding current events, general knowledge, and academics. The working professionals/ experienced candidates were also asked about their job roles and given situation-based cases to resolve. Each interview lasted for 25-30 minutes on average. Here are some of the interview experiences of the candidates during PGP admissions 2022:
Interview 1:
Background:B.Com, Fresher
  • Tell me about your hobbies. Since you like to write and read, tell me the name of some popular journalists. Do you know about the one who recently passed away?
  • Tell me about some latest news of last week. So, how many states are having elections? What is the difference between by-election and election? Are any of these States having a by-election? Tell me what will happen if we don't have RajyaSabhatoday.
  • How did the stock market react just after the launch of budget?
  • Make the graphs of sin x, sin 2x, 2sinx
  • What do you like in economics? What is the monetary policy related to foreign exchange? What is CRR? And SLR? What are their functions? What will be done in case of inflation? What is reverse repo rate? What is fiscal policy? What is fiscal deficit? How much fiscal deficit is considered good? Can there be zero fiscal deficit? Are you aware of any such countries?
  • Why do you choose PGP-HRM over PGP?
Interview 2:
Background:B.Tech (Electronics), Work ex of one year
  • What is the difference between a microprocessor and a microcontroller?
  • Can you explain the working of AC, Microwave, and Refrigerator?
  • What is Laplace Transform? Why do we use it? What is the significance of integration? How do you find minima and maxima?
  • Which states are having elections at present?
  • Who elects the governor?
  • Are you aware of the recent laws related to women empowerment? Can you speak for 2 minutes on women empowerment, in terms of socio-economic aspect?
  • What are the qualities of a political leader? How do the State elections affect Central elections/government?
Interview 3:
Background:B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), Fresher
  • During engineering, what did you study in mathematics? What is the dimension of a matrix? What is rank? Find the rank of the given matrix.
  • Tell me the physical significance of the Eigen vector.
  • Are you aware of any current global issues? Any other issues? What is the role and impact of Germany in the Russia-Ukraine conflict?
  • Which temple did PM NarendraModi visit yesterday? What was the occasion for the visit?
  • Do you know about the Israel-Palestineconflict?
The candidate was also cross-questioned on topics likethe China-Taiwan issue.
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Interview 4:
Background:B.Tech (Civil Engineering), Working at Tata projects
  • So you belong to Telangana, can you tell me when was Telangana formed?
  • Why did Telangana get divided from AP? Name some differences.
  • Which is the present capital of Andhra Pradesh? What is the issue with the capital in Andhra Pradesh? What are the three capital cities?
  • Name some tribes of Telangana. Why is the Muslim population high in Telangana? Who founded the Nizam dynasty?
  • Tell me about your job. Assume that you are hired to design a pier extending out of the docking area, what precautions do you take while designing the pier and its foundation?
  • Suppose that it rained heavily for a few days and because of that a 15-yr old building collapsed, 2 died and a few got injured. The residents have sued the builder on the grounds of using low-quality materials. Now,the court has appointed you as an expert to find out the reasons for the failure. How will you proceed?
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