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The selection process at NMIMS consists of a Case Discussion, followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback – Case Discussion (CD)
Average Duration: 15 min
  • About junk food habit in youngsters and should the advertisements be censored or not.
  • The youth today do not go for high paying jobs and are entrepreneurs. Discuss what is different in them, and what can we learn from them.
  • An antiques collector has a very important artifact which is believed to be bringing good luck to a tribe in the Amazon. But there is no scientific proof. If you are the collector, would you give the artifact back to the tribe?
  • Regarding ethical dilemma faced by a Milk Producer in Madhya Pradesh with ambitions to export its products to European markets. Discuss whether company should sacrifice its ethics, as advised by a consultant that they can bribe and get the clearances faster, for business gains.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 mins
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpts from Interview 1 : Why not Executive mba, Explain your typical day at work, What is marketing, Would you market a premium product in a place for other markets, Give 5 places in mumbai, where you will open Rolex showrooms, What about Nalasopara, What is inflation, Two important aspects to curb inflation, Is this a family concern from which you have done your internship, What is Mama called in English, What uncle, Walk me through what you did after graduation, What makes you think doing an MBA will take you away from Bureaucracy and bribery, What do you think about the current prices of dal in India, About price rise, Do you think dal can be hoarded for so long? How long can it be stored before rats infest, So walk me through what next, Are you certified for FRM, Tell me what is Negative duration, So why MBA? You should do CFA instead, So about your consultancy, how does it work, Do you trade, Questions about trading, Elaborate on technical analysis, What is bollinger band, Do you know stochastics, MACD, SAR, Parabolics, You said about technical analysis, Explain the process.
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Excerpts from Interview 2 : Tell us something about yourself, How many times have you rehearsed this, Cross questions on the answer, Questions related to work experience, Where did you take coaching from, Have you been placed, What is the package, Why MBA, What are the specializations offered in NMIMS, When was it formed, What other calls do you have, How do you find the inverse of a matrix, What is the difference between co factor and sample, So you're from Punjab, what problems is Punjab facing.
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