Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (2020 - 21)

The selection process at IIM K consisted of Personal Interview for the current year.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 15 minutes
Number of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1
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Candidate’s Profile: BCA Fresher
Female Panelist(excited smile): oho! Jaa Simran Jaa .(The candidate’s name is Simran)  So your parents associated with it and kept your name.So do you identify yourself with that character? (Simran in the movie DDLJ). The interviewer says “in the dreamy world waiting for the right man to come”.  Asking about my college and talking about the perception that colleges owned by fathers/church are strict and discipline(Candidate’s college was owned by roman catholic fathers).So you are one who sees the positive side of the situation? Question on nobel prizes. Do you know the categories in which they are given?   Do you know what was Abhijeet Banerjee’s contribution?  Tell me difference between purpose and goal ? Tell us if you are given the role to do the movie in the movie DDLJ ,which role will you do ? The interviewers stressed and further asked that if  you are asked to do DDLJ 2, and directors ask you then which character would you want to display?(Candidate’s reply. talked about decisiveness, independent nature and the willingness to take actions instead of just dreaming.) Name the movies which demonstrate this? Where did you do your schooling? Give your opinion on discipline inhibits creativity.  Since you mentioned about women, do u know the first woman IPS officer. Do u know what is she doing right now?Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry?What is the difference?Does Union Territoryhas a governor?So you know prime numbers, coprime numbers.Tell me the number of numbers from 1-100 which are co-prime with 100.  (Candidate was allowed to use a pen and notebook)What is the importance of prime numbers in CS?You did not have cryptocurrency as your course?What is the highest prize in your discipline?
Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate’s Profile:B.Com
Questions:Why are you planning to do an MBA?What according to you is the benefit of having work experience before MBA?What is the difference between organisation structure and organisation culture?Which are the 5 biggest companies in India according to total revenue?How many employees work in TCS?Difference between sports and games.Which are the 2 political parties in the USA? Which is better for Indian Economy?Explain the measures of central tendency.
Excerpt from Interview 3
Candidate’s Profile: B.A (History,Economics,Public Administration as major subjects
Duration: 10- 15 minutes
Number of Panelists: 3
Questions: Give a brief introduction.  Questions based on Rubiks Square (Candidate had mentioned it). What is the difference between RBI and SEBI. Some questions on the type of Camera the candidate uses and which are the major companies that manufacture it? Some finance related questions such as inflation, GDP etc. Why do you want to pursue MBA?Tell me something about Golconda. What's a monetary policy?
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Excerpt from Interview 4
Candidate’s Profile: Graduation
Duration: 10- 15 minutes
Number of Panelists: 2
Questions:What  is the difference between Einstein’s Physics and Quantum Physics. Next question based on Chemistry. What is the Equation of parabola its maximum and minimum point and graph. One question on English. Questions asked related to family business and some cross questions on that. Derivation of formula of summation of Arithmetic Progression. More questions on academics.
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