S.P. Jain Institute Of Management and Research, Mumbai

The selection process at SP JAIN consists of WAT ( Essay writing ) followed by Psychometric test , which is futher followed by two Group Interviews.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 15 min
Word Limit: 250 words
  • Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist?
  • Your biggest achievement in life
  • influence of media
  • If you had a magic wand what would you want to change in the planet?
Feedback- Psychometric Test
Average Duration: 10 mins
No. of Questions: 20
No. of Sections: 2
Feedback - Group Interview
Average Duration: 30 mins
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpts from Interview 1 - Round 1: Tell us something about yourself, What is NPA, How will you make PSB better, What do you know about GST, How can you make IPL marketing model better.
Round 2: What is free basics or net neutrality, What is your opinion about Free basics, Is being nice a good habit, Why MBA, Why this field
Excerpts from Interview 2 - (CAT : 97.41,10th 91%, 12th: 87.4%, BE Electrical) - Round 1: Mention your biggest achievement which is not mentioned in your interview form, Your role in IOCL, Why do you want to leave IOCL, Why not do a MBA degree sponsored by IOCL after 5 years, Why Operations, What is Six Sigma, What is Total Quality Management, Behavior Based Safety, What are various types of inventories, Which is your dream company and dream role.
Round 2: Introduce yourself, Tell us about your formative years, How is attitude and success related, Rate the following in the order of importance in your life: 1. Money; 2. Doing what you like; 3. Doing something for the society, Why MBA.
Excerpts from Interview 3 - (BE- CSE- 85.5%, 10th:  95%, 12th: 93.4% ,CAT : 96.22%iler) - Round 1:Tell us something about yourself, Why MBA, Why Marketing, Why don't you opt for work experience before doing MBA, Situation Based: You are the marketing head of Pepsi Co. You have a consignment to be delivered in 3 days for the IPL series but do not have the required ingredients. Would you purchase the ingredients from the local vendors compromising on the quality? Or what else would you do?
Excerpts from Interview 4 - (B.E- CIVIL-8.14CGPA, 10th: 95%,12th-89.40) - Round 1: Introduce yourself, What all do you know about e-commerce, What do you think will be the scenario of retail after 10 years, What are the factors responsible for an effective e-commerce portal, What is market segmentation, Give the 7P’s of marketing, How will you make the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan' effective, Any special hobbies that you have, Why don't you opt for work ex first and then go for MBA, What's your opinion on " if there were no restrictions what is that one thing you would truly like to do in your life"
Round 2: Case discussion on ' consider yourself to be the sales manager and you come across an employee who, according to you, is inflating the figures of his bills for reimbursement. What do you do?'(Midway in the discussion a new stance was added that the employee is a star performer earning huge profits for the company much better than anyone else, you included. What do you do), Case discussion on the concept of additional 5% service charge in restaurants. Is it ethical to charge people additionally? The discussion proceeded first with the consumer's perspective and then owner's perspective.
If you have any question, suggestion or feedback, feel free to post it in the discussion box given below.
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