XLRI - MBA Interview Experiences

To gain acceptance to a top-tier MBA programme, you'll need to score well in the related entrance tests like XAT. If you make it excellently through these, you'll have to undergo a few more screening stages before you're finally admitted. And if you are among the fortunate ones to get a call from XLRI (Xavier School of Management), you'll need to be up for the next rounds. As you enter the pool of applicants for an MBA programme, you will find that the competition is fierce.

Admission standards for MBA programmes are high because B-schools need to ensure that students can handle the academic rigours and demands of the course. Candidates are judged by the panel based on their level of expertise in related fields, as well as their knowledge, attitude, and skill.

About XLRI

XLRI - Xavier School of Management, previously Xavier Labour Relations Institute, in Jamshedpur, is a private institution sponsored by the Jesuits. In 1949, the oldest business school in India opened its doors in the steel capital of Jamshedpur. It counts among the first B-school in India to globalise academic curriculum. XLRI offers Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programmes in Business Management (BM) and Human Resource Management (HRM). To better serve the needs of working executives, XLRI extends a variety of short-term and long-term programmes.

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Selection Process at XLRI

XLRI holds a test, called XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), that forms the primary basis of shortlisting candidates for the next stage of selection. However, the factors like past academics and work experiences of the candidate are also considered. The shortlisted candidates are then called for a personal interview round. Finally, the candidate’s overall profile and performance determine their admission to the preferred programme.

NOTE: Prior to the covid scenario, group discussion and written ability tests also formed a part of the selection process.

Interviews Questions Asked at XLRI

The candidates are interviewed by a panel of three experts who ask questions about their interests, academic achievements, and professional and personal background. Questions on the SOP are also asked of some of the candidates. Each interview lasts around 20–25 minutes, and there is some cross-questioning as well. Here are the actual interview questions faced by candidates in the last few admission years:

Personality Traits & Goals

● Which specialisation do you prefer - BM or HRM?

● Why pursue an MBA if you are already working for Tata Projects?

● When considering your application to our institute, why should we select you?

● What kind of job do you hope to find after finishing your MBA?

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Academics & Work Experience

● You come from a fashion background. Please enlighten me on the nature of your course.

● How crucial are morals? Can you explain the various types of ethics? Please explain how ethics relate to your job duties.

● Tell me about your college. As an "institution of national importance," how has the status of your university improved?

● What were your favourite subjects in mechanical engineering?

● What is the use of step-up and step-down transformers?

● Whose side do you assume HR to be on? Employer or worker?

● Tell me about your internship experiences and what you learnt from them.

● How fair are HSBC's ratings and reviews? What do you think they need to alter in themselves?

● What is a Data Analyst primarily responsible for?

● How has your organisation simplified WFH?

Current Events & General Awareness

● How can the government of India stop the spread of Covid-19?

● Whatsapp was in the news recently. Do you know why? What exactly is GDPR?

● Do you have any thoughts on where technology is headed? Is it possible that machines will eventually outnumber people?

● Is there a limit to the right to choose?

● Why is the Rajya Sabha considered the upper house of parliament?

● You are a Jain, so are you familiar with the Jain Tirthankaras? Where in Jharkhand can one find a well-known Jain temple?

Hobbies & Extra-Curriculars

● Identify some seasoned cricket leaders who have led their teams to success.

● In what ways have your interests moulded you?

● What kind of sports do you like to watch?

● Can you name some of the novels you've read in the past 12 months?

Which is your favourite Bengali writer?
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