Xavier Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur

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The selection process at XLRI consists of a Group Discussion, followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback – Group Discussion (GD)
Average Duration: 15 min
  • Globalisation is endangering the culture
  • Reservation based on economic background
  • 5 years of service in rural India should be made compulsory post-MBA
  • social entrepreneurship is an oxymoron
  • Women are most vulnerable yet very important for progress
  • No matter what economic reasons are given, the sole aim is to gain power
  • Is world ready for third world war?
  • Justice is never given; it has to be extracted every time.
  • Should higher earning employees not get legal protection?
  • Women are better managers
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 mins
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpts from Interview 1: Tell us something about yourself, Explain your job profile, What do you do in your pass time, Why did you leave your job, Were you impulsive, Which all places did you travel while doing your preparation, What’s there in himachal and where does beas river originate, Case-study based question, Questions related to plan B, Why did you get your slot changed, Which IIM calls do you have, What does your father do, What do you want to become after doing management,  Explain your work in RIL, What is auto ignition temperature,  Explain in layman terms what would happen when naphtha auto ignites, Suppose I say that 50% ppl coming for interviews are from RIL and TCS, what can be the reasons for this, Why don't they hire from IT or CS, Suppose you are a critic. Criticize jio, What would you advice to jio then, What do you think should be profit margin of jio, What is payback period, How to calculate that, What are fixed and variable charges in this case, You started GD but lost steam after that, What was the problem, So if you don't like something, do you boycott it in real life too, Did your coaching institute say that boycott the GD if you don't like it, How would you rate your this interview vs hrm interview, Which was better and why.
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Excerpts from Interview 2 -How is NIT Bhopal, Whose portraits do you find in the main entrance, Who is the chairman, Is AK Singh from military, Who taught you entrepreneurship, Have you attended the class, Ever been to VIP Guesthouse in college, Why don’t your college students attend classes, You worked on CRM, How do you do segmentation, Do a segmentation for XLRI, What does XLRI do, Do the segmentation in the same way you do in work, Does it work, What were your assumptions and how you did the segmentation in the work, What is electronics, Is torch light an electronic device, What is communication. Q: Does mobile cover come under communication, What is engineering, What is difference b/w PNP and NPN, What is noise, Why don’t you think before answering, What is CDMA,  Advantages of CDMA over others,  What is Economics,  What did you study in Industrial Economics,  Full name of Taylor, Types of sampling methods, Who is Maulana Azad,  Noble Prize, When is birthday of Maulana azad, Isn’t he a freedom fighter, Why did you change your interview slot, Give us a quick recap of Utkarsh from school to college to work, Cross questions on my role and the working of our startup, Why you think demonetization good, Can you tell us how many digital transactions are taking place currently in our country, You have mentioned POS in questionnaire, what's the full form, Why didn't you chose campus placement in TCS rather than joining a startup, Why do you want to come to a remote place Jamshedpur,  What do you like to do in your free time.
Excerpts from Interview 3- Introduce yourself, Why MBA, Justify your low academic performance, What is GDP, What measures have government taken to enhance the GDP rate, Academic questions, Discussion on strengths and weaknesses, What are your hobbies, Detailed discussion on hobbies, Why XLRI, Questions on family business, What are your expectations from MBA and XLRI.
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