LalBahadurShastri Institute of Management, Delhi (2021 - 22)

LalBahadurShastri Institute of Management (LBSIM) counts among the top 100 B-schools in India. In addition to the general PGDM programme, LBSIM extends a variety of specialised programmes, including PGDM (Financial Management), PGDM (Research &Business Analytics), PGDM (E-Business), and PGDM (Artificial Intelligence & Data Science). For these programmes, the candidates are shortlisted as per their score in CAT/ XAT/ GMAT. The final merit list is prepared after considering all the factors like the candidate’s past academic records, work experience, CAT/ XAT/ GMAT score, and performance in further selection rounds.
Selection Process
PGDM ‘22 admission procedure at LBSIM was carried out as follows:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT/ XAT/ GMAT score)
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview (including extempore)
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GD Topics
Candidates were divided into groups and assigned topics based on current events and issues. For some GDs, the topic was chosen by the group itself while for some others,the panel changed the topic of discussion. In the case of candidates who could not contribute much to the discussion, the panel asked them to summarise it at the end.Here are some of the GD topics given during admissions 2022:
  • Pros and Cons of the Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • Social Media
  • Unstable government in Afghanistan
  • Cashless Economy is good for India.
Extempore Topics
The extempore was conducted during the interview only. In this, the candidate was required to speak on the given topic for a few minutes. Listed below are some of the extempore topics given to the candidates during interview round 2022:
  • Globalisation and corporate lessons to learn from pandemic
  • Padma Awards
  • Diversity in Management Education
  • Biggest Reform needed in India.
Interview Experiences
A panel of three interviewers asked the candidates about their career goals, work experiences, etc. Candidates were also put questions on their application form, graduation subjects, and general knowledge. The average duration of the interviews was 15-20 minutes per candidate. Here are some of the experiences shared by candidates interviewed for PGDM ‘22:
Interview 1:
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell us about your college life.
  • What was your job role?
  • What is machine learning?
  • Who do you think will win the elections?
  • What do you know about data analytics?
  • Tell me about your start-up.
  • Why do you want to do an MBA when you already have a start-up?
  • Where do you live in Jaipur?
  • What are your expectations from our college?
  • What all calls do you have?
  • Why LBSIM?
The candidate was also asked to name the president of a few countries.
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Interview 2:
Background:Experienced candidate
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why MBA after 34 months of experience?
  • Why low marks in graduation?
  • What is Enactus?
  • What is CFA?
  • What is the difference between financial accounting and financial management?
  • What is capital budgeting?
  • What is the purpose of the balance sheet?
  • What is the purpose of the profit-loss statement?
  • Who is the President of the USA?
  • Who is the President of India?
  • Who is the CM candidate from UP?
  • What other calls do you have?
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