International Management Institute (2021 - 22)

For PGDM admissions, IMI shortlists candidates on the basis of CAT/XAT/GMAT scores. The final selection depends upon your entrance test scores, academic profile, performance in screening rounds, work experience and similar other factors. IMI counts among the top 50 B-schools of India. To get through the admission process, it is important that you present a well-balanced and convincing perspective during your interview and other tests.
Selection Process
The process at IMI follows the given order:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT/ XAT/ GMAT score)
  • Personal Interview (including extempore round)
Here, you can have a glimpse of the extempore topics and questions asked during the recent interviews.
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Extempore Topics
In this, the candidate is asked to speak for 1-2 minutes on a given topic. The following topics were given to the candidates:
  • Many people in India are below poverty line, what steps would you take to rectify it?
  • There is 75% reservation in private sector for Haryana domicile. Tell us your views on this. (for the candidate belonging to Haryana)
  • India as a nation of diverse states
  • Will Adani be in the field of Renewable & Clean Energy in 2030?
  • Women Empowerment (for the candidate who was the member of Women Development cell)
  • Ashneer Grover's controversy
A few candidates were asked to pick the topic themselves, from any latest news event or issue.
Interview Experiences
Personal interviews at IMI were 15-30 minutes long for each candidate. A group of 2-3panelistsinterviewed the candidates about their values, inspiration, goals, achievements, knowledge, etc. Severalcandidates faced cross-questioning and some of the interviews were heavily dominated by general awareness questions. The experienced professionals were asked about their work profile and related tasks. Have a look at the interviews of four candidates at Delhi and Kolkata campus:
Interview 1:
IMI Delhi campus
GMAT Score: 770
Background: BBA, CFA Level 2, National cricket player
Work Experience: 2 years (BDA + Accountancy)
  • Tell us who you are as a person. (Not in bookish language)
  • What were your favourite subjects in graduation?
  • What did you study in finance?
  • If I'll give you certain financial statements, how will you analyse them?
  • What is ROE? (explain in layman terms)
  • Many unicorns came up in India last year. But most of them have negative ROE, what's your take on this?If they have negative ROE, should I invest in these unicorns or not? Will you be able to find company's objective into financial statements?
  • What all courses did you apply for in IMI? From PGDM and PGDM BFSI, what do you prefer? Why BFSI?
  • You are from Haryana, recently SC put stay on HC order. Can you tell us what was it? Who is the Governor of Haryana? Can you tell me the State’s GDP? Finance minister? And the expected GDP growth rate of Haryana?
  • From which location in Gurgaon are you joining? Tell us three civic issues you saw in Gurgaon and how do you think they can be rectified?
  • You studied personality development in BBA. How have you applied those lessons in real life?
  • What is the Role of social media into politics and elections?
  • What is your father's occupation?
  • So, you worked in a NGO. What kind of NGO was it? Did you work in NGO just for the sake of saying? When did you visit NGO last time? What were your roles and responsibilities there?
Interview 2:
IMI Delhi campus
Background: B.Tech., experienced professional
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Name 4 International Footballers
  • What is the difference in KW & KV? What is the highest commercial KV rating?
  • Tell us about the Network theory subject that you studied in graduation.
  • What is Kirchhoff Current & Voltage Law?
  • What was your favourite Subject in B.Tech.?
  • Explain about your work experience
  • What other calls you have?
  • Why do you think Adani Green Shares are performing so well?
Interview 3:
IMI Delhi campus
Background: B.Tech.
Work experience: 2 years
  • Tell us about yourself
  • Tell us about your family background.
  • Tell me about the nature of your work
  • Will your company sponsor your MBA? Then why don't you work for 2 more years and get then, get your MBA sponsored by them?
  • Tell us about your project.
  • Why did you choose your engineering college?
  • So, you've stayed at Delhi, Mumbai, and Odisha; tell me the differences that you sawamong these three places. Do you know the per capita income of these three? What are the main industries/sectors of these three?
  • Since you're a Computer Science Engineer, you must've studied graph theory. What is a graph? What are nodes and vertices? Why are graphs used?
  • What is the longest river of India? What is the longest Dam?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
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Interview 4:
IMI Kolkata campus
Background: B.Com(H),Fresher
  • Introduce Yourself
  • What is Trial Balance and what step is it in the accounting process?
  • What is Current liability?
  • What is Capital Expenditure?
  • Which newspaper do you follow? Who is the owner and CEO of it? Do you know about other English newspapers and its owners?
  • Why is TATA in news nowadays?
  • Who is Election Commissioner of India?
  • What is Ballot?
  • Why is gold measured out of 24 carat only, not 25 or 100?
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