Fore School of Management, Delhi (2021-22)

FORE School of Management (FSM) shortlists candidates as per the CAT/ XAT/ GMAT scores.The final admission for PGDM is based on thecandidate’s overall profile, work experience, Business Awareness, entrance test scores and performance in the interview.NIRF, ET, Outlook and several other agencies rank FSM among the top 50 B-schools of the country.
Apart from the general PGDM programme, the institute offers PGDM in International Business, Financial Management, and Big Data Analytics.
Selection Process
The screening rounds in FORE’s PGDM admissions 2022 followed the given order:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT/ XAT/ GMAT score)
  • Business Awareness Quiz (BAQ)
  • Personal Interview (including Extempore round)
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BAQ Questions
Business Awareness Quiz is an objective test, consisting of questions related to management, latest business/economy news, reforms and policies, etc. Each candidate is required to answer three multiple-choice questions asked in BAQ. Some of the questions asked this time are as follows:
  • Who is the CEO of Facebook?
  • Who is the CEO of TVS motors?
  • How many companies are included in Sensex?
  • Which is the parent company of Saffola?
  • Which tech giant has partnered withAirtel recently?
  • What is the total of all economic activities in a country called?
  • What do we get after deducting Depreciation from Gross National Product?
  • "Better Sound Through Research" is the tagline of which company?
  • EPFO and ESIC come under which ministry?
  • What is the tagline of ‘Asian Paints’?
  • Who is the CEO of HUL?
  • Which bank used the line "muh band rakho" to create awareness against fraudulent news?
  • What is the collective demand and supply of an economy called?
  • Who is the CEO and MD of Godrej Consumer Products Limited?
Extempore Topics
In this round, the candidate is required to speak 1-2 minutes on a given topic. The following topics were given to the candidates:
  • Music is the elixir of life
  • Graduation Colleges should be Govt-Funded or Self-Financed?
  • Cyber warfare and digital attacks
  • Future of Cryptocurrency in India
  • Should Cryptocurrency be legalised?
  • Make in India
  • Women of India
  • Social media cleansing and sensitisation
  • Is India better equipped now to face another covid-like situation?
  • Should degree be necessary for gaining employment?
Interview Experiences
Personal interviews lasted 12-25 minutes per candidate. A panel of 3-4 interviewers probed the candidates about their personality traits, career goals, academic questions, work experience, etc. Here are some of the experiences shared by candidates interviewed in 2022:
Interview 1:
Background: hons., Fresher
CAT Score:99%ile
  • What University are you from?
  • What is push marketing and pull marketing?Which brand's marketing do you really like?Who is the marketer you really look up to?
  • What did you study in your bachelors? So, you specialised in banking and finance, what is your favourite subject?
  • What is the difference between gross and net income?What is difference between nominal and real GDP?
  • Do you know about Gramin bank?
  • What is your opinion on the hijab controversy?
  • What are your hobbies?Explain to me the physics behind bungee jumping.Explain it to me using class 10th physics. Since you mentioned adrenaline rush, what gives an adrenaline rush? So, how does Formula 1 make money?How do the team make money and how do the organisers make money?
Interview 2:
Background:B.ScHons. (Biotechnology), Fresher
CAT Score: 85%ile
  • Introduce yourself
  • Why the shift from biotech to MBA?
  • What is Mitosis cycle? How does Triploid formation happen?
  • What are your learnings from undergraduation?
  • What are your hobbies?
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Interview 3:
Work Experience:in HRD
  • Who is our foreign minister? Why is he in news?
  • What is TQM? What are different types of CRM? Is there any Japanese word for strategies in TQM?
  • Why did you choose to work as HR? What is the role of HR? Tell me how did you recruit the candidates?What is the salary of HR? (more HR-related questions)
Interview 4:
  • Who is your role model and why?
  • Where are you from? Are you happy with the election results?
  • Why have you done so many diverse courses in the era of specialization? What inspired you to do these courses?
  • Tell us three words that your friends would use to describe you
  • Since you are science student, tell me why does sun appear red during sunset?
  • Tell us about your family
  • Why FORE?
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