T. A. Pai Management Institute(2017-18)

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The selection process at TAPMI consists of a Writing Ability Test (WAT) and Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback - WAT/GD
Duration : 15 minutes for WAT, 20 minutes for GD
Topics (Same topic for WAT and GD):
  • Should B-schools focus on generating entrepreneurs more than generating managers?
  • Patenting is good for the company but bad for the society.
  • India - E-commerce v/s Brick & Mortar stores.
  • Is Ancient India overrated?
  • Social communication is shortening our lives
Feedback - Personal Interview
No. of Panelists : 2
Excerpts from Interview 1 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (CSE), Fresher
Tell us an incident where you refused to help a friend. You are the only fresher scheduled for today. Does that make you feel intimidated? How do you cope with it? Are you afraid? What benefit does that give you if any? Tell us an incident where you found yourself in a conflict with a senior/junior. How could you have done better in your under graduation? Why do you think you are suitable for PGDM? What qualities would you want us to focus in order to decide your suitability? Tell us about your family. What placement offers have you got?
Excerpts from Interview 2 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (CSE), Fresher
Tell us about yourself. (Many questions asked on candidate’s life experiences) What major challenges have you faced till now? So, how did you cope up with these situations? Why should we select you? Why banking course? What interests you in banking? Why did you apply for this college with regards to BKFS?
Excerpts from Interview 3 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (ECE), Work ex
Why did you apply for all three courses? Why HR? Tell me one such policy of your company that you would like to change? Have you mentored anyone? Tell us one terrible experience that you had at your workplace. What did you learn from it? What should be the role of an ideal HR? What do you think is the most important role of an HR? What would be your preferred ranking if you get selected for all three?
Excerpts from Interview 4 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (ECE), Work ex
Introduce yourself. Why PGDM? Do you have any regrets in life? Have you motivated anyone in life? What is the most important lesson that you have learnt in your professional world? What are your hobbies? How was your HR interview? How did your GD go?
Excerpts from Interview 5 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (ECE), work ex
Which interview went better? HR or PGDM? (The candidate selected all three courses) So, why did you opt for banking? What is rupee depreciation? Which companies get affected? Does your company gain or lose? How would you rate this interview? Should we select you? And why is that so?
Excerpts from Interview 6 -
 Candidate Profile : B. Tech (IT), work ex
(Many questions were asked on candidates past experiences) What are your strengths? What were your achievements at your job? Have you taken any big risk in past two years? Have you handled any critical situation? What have you learnt from your job other than your work? Have you taken any leadership position? Tell us about your family background.
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Excerpts from Interview 7 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (IT), Work ex
Why do you want to join BKFS?  What will you choose as your major if you join PGDM? Who is the chief economic advisor for government of India? What's his role? There is a body named PMEC. What is that and what are its functions? What is the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy? What is the role of RBI? Can you tell us few rates that are given by RBI? What was different in this year's Economic Survey? Who presents Economic Survey? What are the types of deficits? Explain few. There is a direct tax that was introduced in this year's budget. What's that? What was the actual reason behind 2008 global economic crisis? What is the difference between GDP and GNH?
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