T. A. Pai Management Institute (2019-20)

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The selection process at TAPMI consists of a Group Activity, Written Ability Test (WAT) and Group Discussion, followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback - Group Activity
Only the following two kinds of activities were given:
  • Tower of Hanoi
  • Make a tower with spaghetti sticks and place a marshmallow on the top
Feedback – WAT & GD
(Same topic is given for WAT and GD)
Number of Participants: 10
Duration: 15 minutes for each
Word Limit for WAT: None
  • ‘Young Graduate Entrants’ to ‘Retiring Leaders’: Challenges faced in managing Multi-Generational Managers.
  • If winning is not everything, then why do we keep scores?
  • Technology is a peace enabler or disruptor?
  • Big data analytics: Science or Myth?
Feedback - Personal Interview
No. of Panelists: 2
Duration: 10-15 minutes
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: Fresher
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Introduce yourself. Why TAPMI? Why MBA? Tell us about an instance where you took risk. Tell us about a time when you were least effective. What are your long term goals? How is your strength or weakness related to your long term goal? Why BKFS? What do you think PGDM-BKFS is about? (some questions related to finance) What other options do you have? Any questions for us?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: Fresher
How old are you? Do you think you'll be able to fit here because most of the students are elder to you? Which is the current government in India? What are the qualities of a good Marketing Manager? What is Branding? What are the four P’s of Marketing? Why do you think they had to incorporate 3 more P's? What will happen if the automobile industry stops providing after-sales service? What do you plan to do after MBA?
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