T. A. Pai Management Institute (2020-21)

The selection process at TAPMI consists of English Proficiency Test or WAT, and Moderated online Group Discussion, followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback - GD
Duration: 25-30 minutes for GD
  • GST the journey so far and the way forward.
  • The Startup ecosystem in India: A decade ahead
  • India’s road to innovation
  • Has Social media democratized news in India?
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Feedback - Personal Interview
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpts from Interview 1
Candidate’s Profile: BCA, Fresher
Tell me something which is not in your resume. (questions were related to personal information and past experiences) For instance, tell us an instance where you showed confidence to handle a particular situation? Any incident where you were disappointed with yourself and how did you come out of it?  Questions on strengths and weaknesses were asked. Tell us an instance when you took an initiative, have you ever got out of your way to help someone?
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Excerpts from Interview 2
Candidate’s Profile - B.Tech (Food and Technology), Work Experience- 27 Months
Tell us about your job profile? Asked questions about hometown? What specialization will you be opting for in MBA? What were the challenges faced during your job? What are your achievements in extra-curricular activities? Do you think extra-curricular activities are important? Why do you want to pursue Marketing Management?
Excerpts from Interview 3
Candidate’s Profile- B.Tech
Why did not you work after graduating last year? Why do you want to do specialization in Banking and Financial Services?  What is a budget deficit? How is it different from fiscal deficit?  What is a capital market and why do companies need it?  Why does RBI control the interest rates?  What are negative interest rates? Which countries have extremely low-interest rates and why? Can India also have such low-interest rates? Is inflation good or bad? Is inflation controlled only by RBI? Are you a risk-taker? What is your biggest achievement? Have you worked in a team, and has it happened that your team ignored an idea put forward by you?
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