T. A. Pai Management Institute

The process of selection at TAPMI consists of a Group Discussion, an Essay followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration: 15 minutes.
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Coalition Governments: Are they the way ahead?
  • A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step?
  • Freedom of Speech: Should there be any limit?
  • Terrorist threat- should IPL be postponed?
  • Is Cricket frenzy killing other sports in India?
  • Are TV channels killing our culture?
  • Is the participation of students in politics desired?
  • Will stringent laws prevent cases like Satyam?
  • Should mercy killing be legalized in India?
Feedback - Essays
Average Duration: 15 minutes.
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Nothing Dries Sooner Than Tears.
  • If you keep your home clean you can keep your city clean.
  • If everything seems under control, you are not going fast enough.
  • He, who tries to go everywhere, really goes nowhere.
  • It is easy to go to hell but it is not easy to come back from it.
  • When you are healthy, you tend to advise the sick.
  • The darkest hour is just before the dawn
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-12 minutes.
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: Are you presently working with Infosys? What is the rate of attrition in Infosys? Why has your percentage taken a dip in graduation while it was good up to Senior Secondary? Have you studied C, C++ etc.? Which language are you strong in? Describe any projects that you did on these two languages? Explain your project on the web crawler? Which main frames did you use? What are your interests? You seem to be doing well in Infosys. Why MBA?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2: Tell us something about yourself? What is the difference between RFI, RFP and RFQ (related to job profile)? Describe the product development lifecycle? What are the various services offered by your company? Which is the best IT company to work for in India? Why? Compare INFOSYS with world's biggest IT Company and bring out the differences. How many companies are there under INFOSYS umbrella? What is the difference between Corporation and Conglomerate? Why do you want to pursue MBA? What are the differences between Waterfall Model and Agile Model of Software development?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3: Why did you take up a job in IT after pursuing mechanical engineering? Explain some features of software? What is Six Sigma? Does a process with higher sigma perform better? Do you follow news? What were the headlines for today? What are the special features of NANO? What are the Bharat III norms? Tell us something about your family?
If you have any question, suggestion or feedback, feel free to post it in the discussion box given below.
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