S.P. Jain Institute Of Management and Research, Mumbai

The process of selection at SP JAIN consists of WAT followed by Psychometric test followed by two Group Interviews.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20-30 min  
Word Limit: 250 words
  • Should the retirement age of politicians be fixed
Feedback- Psychometric Test
Average Duration: 10 mins.
No. of Questions: 20
No. of Sections: 2
Excerpts from Interview 1-Round 1: Introduce yourself, Why finance, Some economic terms like Repo Rate, How does inflation vary, Who is your role model, What you know about your Role Model, Why is he your role model, Technical questions related to mechanical engineering.
Round 2: Views on budget, Was it pro-growth or pro development, how did it help to overcome demonetization, Some more questions related to budget and finance.
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