SPJIMR - MBA Interview Experiences

To be eligible for MBA admissions, SP Jain requires candidates to take one of these aptitude tests: like GMAT and CAT. Candidates must also achieve the minimum expected test score outlined in the Postgraduate Admission and Selection Policy.
According to the NIRF rankings, the S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) is one of India's top 20 business schools. It provides a variety of full-time post-graduate management programmes, such as the Post Graduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW), the Global Management Programme, and the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). The institute initially shortlists applicants based on their overall profiles and CAT/ GMAT test results. Scores from the NMAT and XAT are also accepted for some programmes.
The candidate's prior academic achievements, professional background, entrance exam results, and performance during the interview are considered to determine the final admission.
The applicants are shortlisted based on their profiles. Additionally, they must obtain the required scores on at least one of the entrance tests. After scoring the profiles, the candidates are divided into two groups: Profile-based and Profile-cum-Score based.
When selecting applications, a number of factors are taken into account, including:
Overall profile
Academic credentials
work Experience
Entrance Scores
Awards and Achievements
The selection process consists of the following stages:
  1. Shortlisting (based on overall profile and CAT/ GMAT score)
  2. Group Interview 1
  3. Group Interview 2
NOTE: Before the covid scenario, an essay writing test and a psychometric test were also held as a part of the selection.
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S.P. JAIN - MBA Interview Questions
Generally, for PGDM admissions, two rounds of group interviews are held. Each group consists of four candidates, and only those chosen after the first group interview are invited to the second. Candidates are questioned about their personal values, professional aspirations, academic background, and interests by a panel of two to three interviewers. Additionally, the candidate's knowledge of the chosen specialisation is assessed.
Every interview round lasts for forty minutes. According to the previous years’ candidates, the first round is information-focused and moderate, while the second round is subjective and demanding. Here are some of the group interview questions shared by the candidates:
  • What is a unicorn start-up?
  • How is a business valued?
  • What exactly do you mean by money and  Financial markets?
  • What distinguishes a trader from an investor?
  • Can you invest in insurance?
  • What differentiates technical analysis from the fundamental analysis?
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Who is your role model? And why?
  • If you had to change a major decision in your life, what would it be?
  • Which is your favourite advertisement? And why do you like it?
  • If you are not selected, what will you do?
  • Tell me something that is not in your resume.
  • What does the SPJIMR logo mean?
  • Can you compare SPJIMR’s logo with any other logo?
  • What do you think SPJIMR is looking for in this group interview? What makes our interviewing process different from other B-schools?
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S.P. JAIN - WAT Topics
In the WAT round, candidates are required to write around 300 words in the given time limit. Here are some of the topics assigned to the candidates during previous admissions:
  • Income Disparity
  • Please share your thoughts on a social stigma that needs to be altered.
  • Is global warming a hoax? Talk about what you think.
  • When you have a lot on your plate, how do you decide what to do first? Provide some illustrative cases.
  • Do you enjoy interacting with others? Use specific instances to illustrate your point.
  • Outline some strategies for resolving team conflicts.
This test consists of 15–20 statements or questions, to which the candidates respond or indicate how much they agree. Answers to questions or clarifications of statements with three to six words are also required. Several examples of statements or inquiries include:
  • I believe in fate.
  • I cried often as an adult.
  • I feel uncomfortable when I see others express emotion.
  • Do you never tell a lie?
  • How much of a role does fate play in your life?
  • Do you think your life is guided by others?
  • Do you believe life is fair?
  • In tough situations, do you go with your heart?
NOTE: A total of 30 minutes are allocated for WAT and Psychometric tests together.
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