S.P. Jain Institute Of Management and Research, Mumbai (2019-20)

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The selection process at SP Jain consists of WAT (Essay Writing) followed by Psychometric test, which is further followed by two Group Interviews.
Feedback – WAT & Psychometric Test
Word Limit for WAT: 300-350 words
Duration of WAT + Psychometric Test: 30 minutes
WAT Topics:
  • Should government be allowed to spy on citizens on pretext of security?
  • What do you think about flexible work culture? What are the steps that can be taken for improving work-life balance?
  • Explain with an example how lack of competition can kill an organisation.
  • How do you prioritize when every work is a priority?
  • Five year plan
  • Why should we protect data?
  • Income Inequality
  • Tell us about a social stigma that you want to be changed.
  • How can India adapt in times of political uncertainty?
  • Are faceless electronic assistants more helpful in resolving customer issues than human interaction?
  • Do you think the recent protests of #SaveAarey for Aarey forests were futile? Do you think these protests actually serve their purpose? Why or why not?
Psychometric Test included 15-20 questions/statements, for which candidates have to state how much they agree with it/answer the questions. Any 3-6 questions/statements were also to be explained. A few examples of the statements/questions are:
  • I believe in fate.
  • I cried often as an adult.
  • I feel uncomfortable when I see others express emotion.
  • Do you never tell a lie?
  • How much of a role does fate play in your life?
  • Do you think your life is guided by others?
  • Do you believe life is fair?
  • In tough situations, do you go with your heart?
The options given for questions/statements were: Occasionally, Very Often, Rarely, Always etc.
Feedback - Interviews
Group interviews are conducted in two rounds, second one being an HR interview. Each group consisted of 5-6 candidates.
Average duration for each group interview: 20-30 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Com, Work Experience of 2.5 years
Group Interview 1: Introduce yourself. Do you remember the Indifference curve? What concept of Economics can be used in Marketing? e.g. What concept of Economics will be used by a Soap Seller? (Some questions related to Econometrics) Tell us about your work profile. Why are you choosing Marketing/Finance? (some cross-questioning) You seem to be loving football, tell me why football is a great business? What is MSP? Can a farmer sell below MSP? Which project were you working on? Can a soap seller who has a godown as large as this room use cloud computing? Will it be cost-effective for him? Why MBA? What are your hobbies?
Group Interview 2: What are the qualities for which people like you? Give us three words by which a person who likes you will define you. Tell us about a person that you hate and why you hate him/her. What would you do about the current CAA crisis? How would you stop the protests, if you were the PM? How many of you eat non-veg? Do you know SPJIMR is a veg-only campus? Do you think it’s right on the management’s part to intervene in such matters? What is the craziest thing that you’ve done in your life? And what crazy thing you’d like to do in the future?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE), Work Experience of 1.5 years
Group Interview 1: Have you had lunch? Introduce yourself. Keep it restricted to 40 seconds to one minute. Tell something that's not on your resume. Tell me more about this project. Why Marketing? (some cross-questioning) Tell me more about your profile at work. (more specific questions on work profile) Where do you want to work after MBA? Do you know about Porter's Five forces? When can buyer's get bargaining power and when can sellers get bargaining power? Any particular advertisement that might have caught your attention? What is difference between Java and C++? What are your hobbies? What did you gather from this book? What is time value of money? What is included in the discounting rate? How do we evaluate time value of money? Imagine you want to sell Nike shoes in parts of Africa where they don't probably even have shoes. How would you go about doing that?
Another case: Johnsons has hired you as marketing managers. They tried selling adult diapers in Allahabad. But they failed. Now they want to give it another shot and want you to help them. What do you suggest to them?
Group Interview 2: So how was round one? Was it good? Any surprises? So what do you think this interview is about? How do you think we'll select you? So imagine it's a great day. You're done with all your chores. You have nothing to do for the weekend and you're going home. What is going on in your mind? What will you do once you reach home? We all love our parents but they are humans you know and they are not perfect. What is something you would change about your parents? Our constitution says everyone is equal. It's article 15. Is equality in its true sense even possible or desirable?
I'll give you a situation in a corporate office. Your CEO's daughter is getting married and he is really busy with preparations. He comes to you requests you to distribute about 50 cards over the week. What would you do? Would you help him? What if it was not the CEO? But a colleague?
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Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: BMS (Finance), Work Experience of 2.5 years (in TCS and own startup)
Group Interview 1: Tell me about your academics, interests, and some more relevant things. Tell me why finance? What role you are looking for? Have you tried anything to learn basics in finance? Why not Coursera’s well-structured courses? What you encountered in finance that made no sense for you? Tell about your work for US government? What you think about situation in India (Poverty)? What are some Indian government’s initiatives? How Currency devalues? Why US is in better position than us in fighting poverty? What you want to do for this issue? Which subject in your graduation amazed you most? So, what did you do at TCS? Why did you leave? You have already taken entrepreneurship and continuing that will just hamper your chances to score good CGPA. Will you leave your venture or what? Name three main management skills as a founder. What you are thinking about placement? Will you sit for it or not? (Given three scenarios with assumptions)
Group Interview 2: What did you have in break? Tell us about an ethical dilemma that you faced and how you did you deal with it. (some specific questions on the same) What’s your opinion about politician attending parties, birthday of these celebrities and businessmen? What did you write in your WAT? (some cross-questioning) Given an incident where a group copied some parts from its senior’s presentation for assignment submission. What’s your opinion? What will you do as a faculty? Let’s say if there is just one person who copied and others are innocent and now others are opposing for any kinds of punishment? Let say, one person comes and take responsibility for plagiarism then what? What if there is group of very smart people who practice plagiarism and agreed in themselves about the sequence of taking responsibility if get caught?
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