S.P. Jain Institute Of Management and Research, Mumbai(2017-18)

The selection process at SP JAIN consists of WAT (Essay writing) followed by Psychometric test, which is further followed by two Group Interviews.
Feedback - WAT
Duration : 30 minutes
Topics :
  • Are you a people's person? Explain with examples.
  • If you were given a chance to make a wild career after your retirement, what would that be?
  • Describe any situation where you had to fill in for someone, and your learnings from it.
  • Explain ways of resolving conflict in a team.
Feedback - Psychometric Test
Duration : 30 minutes
Feedback - Group Interview (2 rounds)
No. of Panelists : 3
Duration : 30-40 minutes
Excerpts from Interview 1 -
Candidate Profile : Work ex
Tell me about yourself and why do you opt for this specialization? What is marketing? (Given a situation and asked to handle it) Why do you want to change your job and do an MBA? In one line explain- what will you give to this institute? Why should we select you- give a reason? If you are not selected, then who else should be? What do you know about PNB scam? Tell me one thing you like, and dislike about your parents.
Excerpts from Interview 2 -
Candidate Profile : Graduation in Agricultural Engineering, Work ex
So what do you know about union budget? What is twin balance sheet problem? Do you know about NPA problem in Public sector banks in India? What is FRDI bill? What is the impact of demonetization? What are the pros and cons of Minimum Support Price for the agriculture sector? What is priority sector lending? What quantum of loans are turning NPA corporate loans or small priority sector loans and why? What are your hobbies? (The candidate mentioned nail art and painting as her hobby) How would you conduct a market research to understand the customers who would want to pursue nail art or what would be your market segmentation for nail art?
Excerpts from Interview 3 -
Candidate Profile : Operations Management, Work ex
Introduce yourself using something that is not written in the form. What are your views on Tesla’s manufacturing set up in China? And why India was not chosen? What are your views on App based news to Print based? So why do you want to do MBA? Tell us one thing which you want to include and one which you want to eliminate from your personality. Describe a situation when you were trapped in an ethical dilemma. Would you have an employee who aligns with the company’s values but is lesser in competency or an employee who is highly competent but does not align with company’s values? Which company you admire and why?
Excerpts from Interview 4 -
Candidate Profile : Fresher, B. Tech (ECE)
Tell me about yourself and your family. What does your name mean? What are the ingredients of Panchforon( Bengali dish)? What is the difference between hen and duck? Which eggs do you prefer to develop your body hen or duck and why? (A mini GD on the PNB scam) Why finance? What do you apart from your corporate job? What is a derivative? What is P/E valuation and its use? What will you not put in an almond cake? Was there any ethical dilemma that you faced? Was there any news that shook you recently? Do you have any questions for us?
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