Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (2019 - 20)

The IIFT process consists of a written ability test, a group discussion and finally, a personal interview.
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Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 300 words
  • Overuse of social media and negative tendencies
  • Clean Water
  • For the powerful, crimes are those committed by others.
  • Is life black and white?
  • Impact of differential implementation of Motor Vehicles Act, 2019
  • Remedies for Economic Slowdown
  • Multi generational work-spaces: Competitive advantage or disadvantage?
Feedback – Group Discussion
Duration: 1 minute each for everyone, 15 minutes open discussion, 30 seconds for summary
No. of participants: 18
  • US v/s Iran: India's Economic Dilemma
  • 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025 - a mere delusion?
  • Work force diversity: fad or necessity?
  • Privatisation of PSUs
  • Is Organic Food an urban fad?
  • E-learning: Is it a substitute classroom?
  • Will AI take away jobs from the workforce?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 8-15 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2-3
Excerpt from Interview 1 - 
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Work Experience of 2 years
Tell me about yourself. Why MBA? Please tell me what are hybrid cars? What are EVs and their feasibility in India? What are the roadblocks? (Some questions on work experience and role) What are the 3 things that you learnt at Toyota? Why IIFT? Let me ask you one economic facts related question. Name any topic I can ask you about. So, what are the top 3 imports and exports of India? Did you give CAT? What was your score? Which other calls do you have?
Excerpt from Interview 2 - 
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Electrical), Work Experience of 2 years
You have worked for 3 companies in 2 years. Why? (some cross questioning) How desperate are you to join an MBA College this year? So what did you do to fulfill that desperation? What other calls do you have? How much did you score in CAT? If you have to give advice to someone on how to score 99 percentile, what will you say? What is your job role at ICICI Prudential exactly? What exactly do you price? What are the parameters you look at while pricing? What is the biggest challenge you face and how do you plan on rectifying it? Do you know who Chanda Kochhar is? And what happened? This must have affected the company's image, as a committee member or a stakeholder what would you have suggested?
Excerpt from Interview 3 - 
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Electrical), Work experience of 18 months in IT
So what are they saying about the panel outside? But now everybody has been coached for the question ‘why MBA’, isnt't it? What is the meaning of your name? So who is your idol? What did you learn from him? How do you know Gujarati? Tell us about your work and what you do. So what did you learn there? How many months in Hyderabad? Did you like it? Tell me something which is not in your CV. We know Bengal produces some of the best minds in the country, but why doesn't it have the large scale industry? Analyse this for me. What are your hobbies? What genre of books do you read? Why do you read so much Economics?Can you tell me what work specifically Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize for? All the people you read criticise the Government's economic policies a lot. What is your take on them? How do you explain the flip flop from Electrical to IT to International Trade? What are the qualities required of an MBA candidate to succeed?
Excerpt from Interview 4 - 
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Candidate Profile: Work Experience in Management Consulting
Is being the last candidate in the group a boon or bane? Tell us something about yourself. You have Minor in Finance, Internship in Bank, Working in Management Consulting domain. Don't you think you should be clear about life goals before taking admission for an MBA? So where are you from? What it is famous for? What does Odisha Export? What does Telangana Export? So you have done courses in Finance. Tell me what is NIFTY and SENSEX. What is beta? What is Financial Leverage? How would you calculate it? Are you sure? What is your current role? How is the work different from the previous organisation? Why did you leave the first Organization? Which clients did you work for in the first organisation? So how do you use market data? What if it is a new product and you don't have enough data? What is we do don't have a competitor and it is a new market? How would you set targets for a new Product? Do you love Maths? (Given a cubic equation with four variables and told to plot the graph.  Consider all cases.) How would you find maxima and minima? How would you know which solution is maxima and minima?
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