Indian Inst. of Foreign Trade, Delhi (2018 - 19)

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The IIFT process consists of a written ability test, a group discussion and finally, a personal interview.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 300 words
  • One nation one election
  •  Electric vehicles: Pollution v/s Jobs
  • Jobless growth in India: Reason for a brewing social unrest
  • Failures- stepping stones or stumbling blocks?
Feedback – Group Discussion
Duration: 1 minute is given to everyone to share their views first and then the dias is open for discussion for 15 minutes.
No. of participants: 10-15
  • Can MOOCs and other virtual learning platforms replace conventional learning platforms?
  • Should the Metro cities in India be de-populated?
  • Music, Sports and Wine: Impact on perceived peacefulness
  • Are days of US dominance over?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpt from Interview 1 - 

Candidate Profile: B.Tech (IT), Work Experience of 5 months at Deloitte Consulting.
Tell us about yourself briefly. Why do you read Quora? Is it a reliable source of information? Then why do you read it? How did it help you? Explain with an instance. What do you think is the problem with these kinds of social forums like Quora? Not only in Quora, any social forums like Twitter, Facebook, etc, ? You have your core competencies set. Why do you want to move away from it? You did your undergraduation in IT. You work in the IT sector. Why do you want to switch now? And, how does IIFT figures in that plan? Your college score is very poor. Why? What happened? What will be the advice you’ll be giving to someone who is coming from such a background?

Excerpt from Interview 2 - 

Candidate Profile: CA, CS and CWA, Work Ex of 28 months in government sector
You have done CA and CS. Why not go for a PHD or CFA? But why you want to do an MBA after CA, you have a work experience of 28 months, you have dealt with persons of DCIT (Deputy commissioner of Income tax) level? It is said if you can work with people in government department, you can work everywhere and learn. But lot of CAs are at top posts, in banking industry, consultancy etc. So you can make career there. So you want to go in for specialization? How much was your CAT score? Rate the colleges IIM-A, IIM-L and IIFT. Tell us about your experience with income tax department and about experience in Deloitte.

Excerpt from Interview 3 - 

Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Mechanical), Work ex of 4 months at Cognizant
Are you nervous? Don't be. Tell me a little bit on yourself. What do your parents do? You have this gap of a few months? Why so? If suppose, I export goods to a foreign country, what are the limitations and disadvantages I would face? (Questions asked on Brexit, names of a few EU countries, Geographical locations of countries and continents) Briefly explain the US China trade war and a few cross questioning on the same. What do you know about national emergency declared by Trump? Name any two Indian grandmasters.

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Excerpt from Interview 4 -

Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Mechanical), Work ex of 3.5 years in BPCLIntroduce yourself. So, you are comfortably placed in BPCL? What is the usual promotion tenure in BPCL? So why do you want to do MBA? You want to work in private sector? Ok, so you want to climb up the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. So you know right, India is moving from Euro 4 to Euro 6? Is it wise to skip Euro 5 and directly go to Euro 6? So you worked in sales and marketing? So speed fuel is BPCL product? What are its benefits? If I am a customer how will you sell speed fuel to me? I don’t understand those, I am a layman, tell in layman’s terms. What is the difference between BS 4 and BS 6 fuels? What are the types of particulate matters that comes out through exhaust? What is methane chemical formula? Other name of methane? What do you mean by cc in vehicle? What is the minimum cc for SUV vehicles? So, you know Quality Assurance? What is the difference between Mean deviation (MD) and standard deviation (SD)? So if SD is 1.5, what will be the MD? What do understand by 6 sigma?

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