Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi (2020 - 21)

The IIFT process consists of a written ability test, a group discussion and finally, a personal interview.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 300 words
Topic - Technology and Shrinking World
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Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15- 20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2-3
Excerpt from Interview 1
Candidate’s Profile: Chartered Accountant
Questions: If farm laws implemented, what impact will it have on India's Agriculture Foreign Trade? Questions about my work experience and CA related concepts asked.Is it possible to have losses in Profit and loss account despite having huge positive cashflow?Is it possible to accelerate/defer depreciation to impact Profit and loss figures? Your opinion on farm laws - whether they are boon or bane? Some questions related to Finance and Taxation.
Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate’s Profile: B.Tech (Chemical Engineering)
Extempore Topic: Gig culture in India.
Questions: Questions were asked on the candidate’s academic performance. Questions were asked on how Venezuela could impact world business?  (It was based on this question- Describe any national/global event (in last 6 months) that you think is going to have a long-term impact on the world of business.)  What is the difference between FDI AND FII? Any country that recently invested in India (FDI or FII) and if India had done any of the above two in any other country. Give us an example of any company or bank with FDI investment?
Excerpt from Interview 3
Candidate’s Profile:B.Tech Food Technology and Management
Extempore Topic: Mental health begins with mind.
Questions: Introduction without cv.Tell us something about agriculture export of India (numbers)? Give top 3 export and import agricultural items. What is the issue with India's agricultural export ? RCEP: India trading agreement. Questions on India's preferential system.VAP? Why MBA? What you can bring to the classroom?WTO headquarters and Geneva currency? WB headquarters? Which newspaper you read and latest business news?
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Excerpt from Interview 4
Candidate’s Profile:B.Tech (Work experience – 12 months in an NGO)
Questions: What role does Digital Marketing play? What is the reach in Digital Marketing? Can you explain recent successful online campaign ? What companies generally choose as a subject to drive a campaign? What is Modem?  Which device converts Analog to digital signals and vice versa?  What is GPS and how it works?  Opinion on Republic BARC scam ? Your opinion on Farm laws ? What is cashless economy ? What are its pros and cons ?
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