Indian Institute of Management, Shillong (2019 - 20)

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The process of selection at IIM S consists of a Case Study discussion and a Personal Interview.
Feedback - Case Study discussion
Duration: 3 minutes to read, 10 minutes to discuss
No. of participants: 8-10
  • Marketing case: A foreign girl had to convince the native farmers to market their silk products well instead of selling it to the middlemen so that the cost of their products remains low for the consumers in her country.
  • Case about Retail v/s Mall. How can Retail owner retain his customers?
  • Production Team used Finance Team’s system for an urgent delivery over the weekend. They did not ask them before taking these systems. As they were tired, they did not put these systems back. Due to which, the Finance Team was unable to work for the next day. As a mediator, what will you do now?
  • A sugarcane juice company has perfect setup in Bangalore and now they are planning to launch a new product nationally which is totally organic and has no preservatives. Two partners are there. One wants 15-20% more price than the brand which is established in this field. Other didn't agree. What should be the price?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B. Sc.(Hons.) Physics, Fresher
Why just 4.75 in the last semester? So what happened in VARC there? Why did you do it then? So you like to follow cricket. Do you know anyone in India who doesn't follow cricket? So, tell me the name of 5 Indian women cricketers. How many matches has India Women played till now in the ongoing World Cup? Is it a 20 over world cup or 50 over? Take that notepad and mark all the fielding positions of a cricket ground. Why is it called silly? Tell me about the ICC awards of last year. Who won and what did they win? What do you think which innings made Ben Stokes cricketer of the year? Tell me the significance of second law of motion. What experiments did you perform in Mechanics? So, what are the different types of modulus of elasticity? What is the significance of bulk modulus? What other interests you have? So what's your favourite crime TV series? What are the real names of the main characters in it? Do you know which show has won most Primetime Emmy awards? So what documentaries have you watched recently? Tell me something about this virus which is making this much noise. Why India has only 3 cases despite having such a long border with China? How come US has more confirmed cases than India? So what can be done to improve it?
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Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: BMS (Finance), Work Experience of 2 years
Where are you from? Tell me about Gateway of India. Tell me about history. Where is it located? Do you know anything about Iran-US? Why US killed him? Do you know about Coronavirus? From where did it start? I mean which province? How many people died because of it? Do you have any idea about China-Sri Lanka’s relationship? What is Indian Constitution? But we have Supreme Court and number of laws? Then why is it so relevant? Do you know who won Delhi Election? Do you know AK got inspired by one person i.e Anna Hazare. What you know about him? Do you know what is Lokpal Bill? What is difference between Bill & Act? What are the numbers of Seats in Upper House & Lower House? Let’s talk about your extra-activities that you have mentioned in your form. Pick any one. So, you’ve already taken entrepreneurship route. Tell me what is most important for an entrepreneur? Is it money, technology or what? Tell me how as a customer, my experience will be different if I buy from you instead of Amazon? So, only different is that you aggregate local suppliers for local consumers? Why would anyone buy from you if I can find the same product at cheaper price on Amazon?
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (ECE), Work Experience of 1 year
Tell us something about yourself. Tell us more about the startup and your contribution. How do you recover the loans from a student? How much is the NPA? Isn’t that huge? NPA for SBI? So you left your job, why? You are already a manager, why do you want to do an MBA? What do you do apart from studying now? So, you are an Electronics Engineer, tell me how does a microwave work? Tell us the working of a Satellite. How does an AC works? What is the industry system of AC named? Do you have any questions for us?
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