SIBM, Bangalore(2017-18)

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The process of selection at SIBM consists of WAT and Personal Interview.
Feedback -WAT
The WAT process involves writing a story on a given picture and 4-5 words.
Example: Write a story out of the 5 words- Make in India, Industries in India, Ease of doing business, financial inclusion, growth index, GDP of India
Feedback - Personal Interview
Excerpts from Interview 1 :
Candidate Profile : ( Fresher)
Introduce yourself? Which city did you travel from? Which flight did you take? What is the name of the airport in Amritsar? What is your take on this year’s budget? Why is there no tax on agricultural income? Why do you want to do MBA? Which specialization would you opt for? What is the difference between CA and MBA? What do you know about investment banking? Name five investment banking companies. Who was the chief guest on Republic Day? Who is the chairman of Rajya Sabha? What are your hobbies?
Excerpts from Interview 2 :
Candidate Profile : Working in Pristine ideas (17 months)
Introduce yourself? Name 5 business persons originated from India. You don’t know any women entrepreneur? Name any 3 women entrepreneurs. What are your hobbies? What form of martial arts do you practice? What is the difference between Taekwondo and martial arts? Why is compound interest used in banking? Why do you want to do MBA? To implement your business plan all you need is money, which you can get even without doing MBA, then why you need a degree?
Excerpts from Interview 3 :
Candidate Profile : Working in an IT company
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Introduce yourself? What do you know about marketing research? What are the parameters of marketing research? How many states and UTs are there in India? How many rivers flow through your state? What all have you done in social work? With which organization were you associated with? Why do you want to do MBA?
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