SIBM Bengaluru - Interview Experiences

A high score in an MBA entrance exam, such as the SNAP, is typically required for admission to a top-tier management school. After you've made it past the first round, you'll be given a chance to appear in the next ones. So, you should study for the interview process of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru as you wait to hear back from it. At this stage, you'll interact with applicants to MBA programmes who, despite their unique experiences and training, possess the same high level of intellect as you.
You'll need to present an idealised self to the admissions committee to be chosen for MBA. The goal of a B-school selection procedure is to find students who can handle the academic and professional challenges of an MBA programme. When deciding who gets in, the admissions board takes into account things like how well-rounded a candidate is and how well they perform under pressure.
About SIBM Bengaluru
In 2008, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru, came into being under the aegis of Symbiosis International University (SIU). SIBM is created with the goal of providing students with a world-class education and moulding them into outstanding leaders in the business world. Apart from the general MBA, the institute provides a number of specialised MBA programmes, including MBA (Quantitative Finance) and MBA (Business Analytics). SIBM also offers various executive courses and PG diplomas in management.
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Selection Procedure at SIBM Bengaluru
The number of candidates is initially narrowed down based on their SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) scores. The shortlisted candidates are called for the next round of selection, which includes group exercise (GI), written ability test (WAT), and personal interview (PI). Ultimately, the candidate’s performance in all these rounds becomes the deciding factor for their MBA admissions.
GE Topics at SIBM Bengaluru
A total of 10-12 candidates are asked to take part in a Group Exercise. GE topics are presented in the form of a slideshow. These are general themes concerning administration, enterprises, academia, etc. Each candidate is given 30-45 seconds to formulate their response and 30 seconds to speak before the group engages in a 10-minute discussion. During the previous admissions, the group exercises focused on the following topics:
  • Is it possible that robots will eventually replace humans? How will it affect people on a societal, economic, and mental level?
  • Role of farm laws in society
  • Influence of Social Media on the News: Good or Bad?
  • The majority of the tests are given in English and use a computer-based format. What can we do to make everyone feel included?
  • What effect do the Developed nations have on Developing Nations?
WAT Topics at SIBM Bengaluru
In this round, candidates will be given a topic and allowed 10–15 minutes to write about it. The topics relate to current events and general trending issues. In the essay, the candidates are asked to share their thoughts. Some of the WAT topics assigned to candidates in previous admissions are as follows:
  • Do you think it's helpful to have worked in a corporate setting before starting your own business?
  • Economic Effects of Artificial Intelligence
  • You are "uninformed" if you don't read the newspaper and "misinformed" if you do.
  • You receive excellent medical care from a private corporation in exchange for your biometric data, including heart rate, sleep patterns, and the like. Do you think it is ethical for the company to fetch data?
  • Make in India
Interview Questions at SIBM Bengaluru
The candidates are assessed by a panel of two interviewers regarding their stated objectives, academic preparedness, employment history, and general knowledge. Sometimes, questions are asked about the group exercise topic. An interview typically lasts between ten and fifteen minutes. Some of the questions that previous applicants came across in recent years are listed here:
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Personal Information & Goals
  • Your name is one of a kind, for sure. Can you please explain what it means?
Academics & Work Experience
  • Tell me about your experiences at the coaching centres. Just how did you assist them?
  • What is stagflation?
  • In mechanical engineering, why is thermodynamics so crucial?
  • Why are most steel plants clustered around a few cities like Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Bhilai, and Bokaro?
  • Can you tell me about the electricity plant in Jamnagar and what kind of generator it uses?
  • Current Events & General Awareness
    • From where do you belong? What is Bhopal most well-known for?
    • Give me some background on India's agricultural minister.
    Hobbies & Extra-Curriculars
    • Have you seen "Shark Tank"? So, which pitch did you like the most?
    • There is a lack of writers in India. Why don't you become one?
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