SIBM, Bangalore (2019-20)

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The process of selection at SIBM consists of WAT, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview.
Feedback – WAT
Duration: 10 minutes
Word Limit: 100
  • “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, and if you do, you are misinformed.”
Feedback – Group Discussion
No. of participants: 13
  • Effect on news through Social Media - Good or Bad?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 10-15 minutes
No. of panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (ECE), Work Experience of few months
Introduce yourself. What was your stream in B.Tech? What was the subject you liked the most? Can you tell the mechanism by which communication is done under the sea? one more? So, you come from Tamil Nadu, can you tell me what Kanchipuram is famous for? How are these sarees washed? You like cricket, right? Tell me how many innings did Virat Kohli take to hit 1000 runs in T20I’s? So, how is the ball of the speed calculated by using Wireless Communication? You are currently placed and interning in KPMG in Risk Consulting - IT Advisory, what work do you do? So, tell me after how is this Risk process done? What are the stages of Risk Assessment and Analysis? As a fresher who likes his job, why MBA now?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
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Candidate Profile: Finance background, Work Experience of few months
Tell me about yourself. You left your job in just 6 months. Why? You are mostly involved in technical work. But you have specialized in finance, so are you in touch with finance? Tell me about your current work. Explain SEO. What’s your turnover? Why MBA, if you are already doing well? What your father’s occupation? What other calls do you have? Tell me something about your academics. Which subject were you good at? What is ROI? What is NPV? So, tell me when should I invest? Any questions for us?
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