SIBM Bangalore (2020-2021)

The selection process at SIBM Bangalore consists of a Group Exercise and Written Ability Test (WAT), followed by a Personal Interview.
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Feedback – Group Exercise
No. of participants: 5-7.  Duration - 15minutes. Number of Panelists- 2.
GE- 3 pictures were shown for 5-10 seconds to make our own assumption to discuss on it and get the common conclusion.
First Picture : Infrastructure of metro gets delayed in India till 7 years but it takes only few months in developed nations. Second Picture : Fuel wastage. Third Picture : Lack of infrastructure in rural sector.
Feedback - WAT
Topics given: An argument between a Male and a female where they were discussing impact of work from home in each life.
Feedback - Personal Interview-1
Candidate’s Profile:-B.Tech, M.Tech
Duration: 12-15 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Questions: How are you? Introduce yourself, covering academics and career goal? Why did you drop two years?So you are involved in many extra-curricular activities, tell me a situation when you have conflicted with your fellow mates and how you dealt with it? Which one do you prefer completion of works or good relations with fellow mates during conflicts? Why majority of Steel plants i.e Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Bhillar, Bokaro are located near to each other? What is the reason behind it? Why corporate sector prefers Bangalore? What is name of Indian Parliament ? Type of houses? Chairman of Rajya Sabha? What is the name of longest dam of India? On which river it is located and where it is?
Situation Based question: Your grandfather forgot the password of lock It is 3 letter word and all are numeric. What is the probability of getting right password?
Feedback – Group Exercise
No. of participants: 6-8. 
Duration – 8 to 10 minutes.
Number of Panelists- 2.
GE topic - 3 pictures related to farm law protests. And last picture read " significance of farm laws". (30 seconds given to each candidate to present their views and then the platform was open for everyone.)
Feedback - Personal Interview-2
Candidate’s Profile: (B.Tech), Work Experience:- 3 years
Duration: 12-14 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Questions: A mathematical question: " A is running at 10kmph and keeps on increasing it's speed by 10kmph after every hour. B is running at a constant speed of 50kmph. At what time will A catch B?   Asked me about my background. Question on the candidate’s mother tongue were asked.  Will the candidate leave Gujarat ever?Am I willing to come to Bangalore to study/work.Tell us 2 reasons for you to come to Bangalore? Questions on the difference between gas power and coal based power. Examples of where is it used.What type of powerplant is it in Jamnagar?Few GK based questions were asked. Tell us about the President of US? Vice President of US? Kamala Harris won't support her original state (Tamilnadu) or country (India) as she is the US VP. Do you agree on this point?Who is the President of India? Who is the Vice President of India? Tell us about your views on Trump and Biden.? Why does the candidate differ with Trump's ways?
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Feedback - Personal Interview-3
Candidate’s Profile: Graduate
GD topic:- Impact of Developed countries on developing countries?
Questions: Few questions were asked based on work experience of the candidate.Who is the Governor of  RBI? Difference between RBI and CBI. Who is the Finance minister of  India? Any idea about the GDP of  China  and comparison between Germany and China? Who is the Board in-charge for stock market? What is the Alternative of lithium ion battery?
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