Indian Inst. of Technology, Roorkee

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The process of selection at IIT Roorkee consists of Group Discussion and Personal Interview
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration: 12 mins.
No. of Panelists: 3
No. of Participants: 8
  • Should FDI be allowed in insurance sector?
  • Should India host Olympics 2020?
  • Education system is providing degrees not skills.
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Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15 mins.
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpts from Interview 1 : Tell me something about GSM, how is it different from CDMA, what did you learn from the civil services preparation, How is EEE different from ECE, How can you apply the knowledge of engineering to business, Why IIT Roorkee, Which specialization and why, What do you think of Amir Khan’s statement, How did you manage your business during father’s injury, Name 2 rivers in Karnataka, What did you learn by heading the publicity team of your fest.

Excerpts from Interview 2 : Introduce yourself, Tell us why MBA, Comment on current condition of Indian economy, Should there be subsidy on diesel for cars, Should there be subsidy on LPG, What is SLR, What is CRR, What is the current value of SLR and CRR.
Excerpts from Interview 3 : What do you think about the budget, Don’t give a generic answer, Say something specific, You have such good academics and achievements, People like you should pursue MS, Why MBA, I know that you would have prepared an answer for this but we don’t want that, Give a proper answer, What did you do at your industrial intern that you mentioned before, Did you use Linear Programming, Didn't you do operations research at your college, What is the difference between Binomial and Normal Distribution, What is Random variable.
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