IIT Roorkee - Interview Experiences

IIT Roorkee is one of the top colleges in India, and therefore, admission to its programs is highly competitive. Students who are able to secure a spot at the institute generally have a strong academic record and a high level of aptitude in their chosen field of study. In other words, it goes beyond cracking the entrance test (CAT).
Admission to IIT Roorkee can lead to many opportunities for students, such as access to world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and research opportunities.
About IIT Roorkee
IIT Roorkee is the seventh IIT to be named an Institution of National Importance. It was founded in 1847. In 2022, IIT Roorkee is again at the top of the NIRF Rankings.
It is a public technical research university in Uttarakhand. Through its one school, three academic centres, seven academic service centres, four supporting units, and 23 departments in the fields of Engineering, Science, Architecture, Management, and Social Sciences, the university offers 14 UG, 24 PG, and various PhD courses.
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IIT Roorkee Selection Process
The Department of Management Studies (DOMS) is part of IIT Roorkee, one of India's oldest schools. DOMS has a full-time MBA programme that takes two years and focuses on core management principles, and gives students a chance to specialise in two areas. The department narrows down the candidates based on their CAT scores, and the final admission is based on their performance in selection rounds, CAT, and overall profile. Note that only the interview round is taken into account for IIT graduates.
Here are the steps of the screening process for MBA:
Shortlisting (based on CAT score – except for IIT graduates)
Personal Interview
Topics Given in IIT Roorkee WAT
In the written ability test (WAT), applicants need to write an essay on a current event topic or various important and complex issues. The test evaluates the candidates' ability to organise and includes unique ideas while expressing their views and opinions. The instructions given in this test ask the candidates to conclude the essay in 300 words in the duration of 30 minutes. The duration of the test is 30 minutes. Following are some of the topics given in the previous years:
The success of youth depends on - character or competence?
Automation and AI will lead to more job losses or more job creation. Support with examples.
Note: IIT Roorkee has not conducted the WAT test since 2021.
Topics Given in IIT Roorkee GD
  • Should FDI be allowed in insurance sector?
  • Should India host Olympics 2020?
  • Education system is providing degrees, not skills.
  • MBA in India is highly overrated.
  • Morals and values in India are degenerating.
  • ‘Bullet for bullet’ is a wrong policy.
  • Government control in higher education is interfering and not required.
  • Management education in India.
  • Role of ethics in education.
  • Note: IIT Roorkee has not conducted GD round since the last few years.
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    Questions Asked in IIT-Roorkee Interviews
    The questions asked in an IIT Roorkee interview varies depending on the interests and qualifications of the student. Here are some popular questions that have been asked in DOMS interviews in the past:
    Personal Information
    • What is the meaning of your name?
    • Why MBA and not MS/M.Tech?
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Tell us something about BMW and its history.
    • How often do you follow the blogs you have mentioned?
    • Do you have any questions for us?
    Current Knowledge
    • What challenges do you think this company faces today?
    • What do you think about regulation part? How many times we need to go for KYC?
    • Do you know what KYC is?
    • You must be in a written contract that you would not share the company’s privacy and resources with anyone. Isn’t it wrong? Do they pay you?
    • Do you know what is OTP scam? Blockchain is a technique or technology? Are you sure? What is blockchain? What are your hobbies?
    Experience and Qualification
    • What did you do after engineering?
    • Which course did you do on marketing? Elaborate about it. How do these people do marketing? What is their thinking process?
    • How do you change people's perspectives on marketing?
    Personality and Goals
    • What is your long-term goal?
    • When are you going to do it then?
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