SIBM, Pune (2018-19)

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The selection process at SIBM Pune consists of a Group Exercise, Written Ability Test (WAT) followed by a Personal Interview (including an extempore).
Feedback – Group Exercise
No. of participants: 7-8
GE consisted of two processes. One of them was solving puzzles individually for 5 minutes following which candidates were allowed to solve as a team for next 10 minutes. The target was to solve the maximum number of puzzles. There was a grid of holes and patterned beads were to be set on them to complete the grid. Candidates were judged on the basis of the teamwork. Second was a Case discussion.
Case Discussion: A one-page business case was given.
Duration: 5 minutes for reading, 8 minutes to discuss and last 2 minutes to conclude.
  • Case study based on the increasing attrition rate and decreasing productivity of a company and group being the HR department of that company, has to arrive at a solution.
  • A case about a political party which had won the previous 5 elections held. But, the recent election results showed that they had won by a very slim margin. The party head decided to start a start up focusing on the younger generation/millennials. Unfortunately for him, even this didn't work. He had an employee force of about 20 people and was willing to add up to 30 more employees. What business strategy the party head should use?
  • Case based on an Italian restaurant set up by an Indian (Ritu). Customer analysis was given. Reviewers’ ratings on multiple platforms were mentioned. The business was going well until the government served the owner a relocation notice as the previous landowner had acquired the land illegally. The logistics of relocation was not a problem for Ritu. The main issue was the inadequacy of the compensation provided by the government compared to the price paid by Ritu for the land. So she had to invest her savings in the new location. Also, she had to maintain the restaurant's brand equity and brand image. Suggest a business strategy.
  •  A case study about a startup where a startup had been successful initially but had to now expand its operations to 8 cities from 1. Give suggestions. 
Feedback - WAT
Duration: 10 minutes
Word limit: 100 words
A mute video was shown and candidates had to interpret the video in 100 words.
  • A man walking in a street with a briefcase for the first 36-37 seconds and in the last 2-3 seconds, he suddenly changes into fishnet stockings, puts on a wig and walks away.
  • There were a group of dogs in the classroom and there was a lady instructor who was trying to teach them. She was blindfolded afterwards and was walking with one of those dogs by holding it with a string. The dog could not stop where it was supposed to and kept walking resulting in the lady tripping over the hurdle. This happened several times till the dog was shown a wall consisting of several pictures of awards and trophies given to dogs. After that the dog learnt to stop at the right place resulting in the lady being happy.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Extempore: Each candidate was given two options to choose from and justify it for 2 minutes.
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: BE (Chemical), Fresher
Why SIBM? What makes you different from others? There are people with work experience. Why should we select you? We want a quality. Name one. How? Don't you think experienced people must do an MBA rather than freshers? So you were the part of the ROBOCON management team. What did you do? Assume that I am a high end motor cycle manufacturer. How will you approach me? So you were captain of your college's badminton team. What would you do if your team mates are not agreeing to your plan? You have calls from SIIB , SCMHRD and SIBM Pune. Which one would you choose? How can I believe you? So you got a scholarship that you have mentioned. What was it for?
Extempore: Defending a guilty person or Prosecuting an innocent person?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: BBA, Fresher
 Why MBA? Why don’t pursue a job instead? What did you do since graduation? What are your hobbies? Tell us about your family background. So which all places have you been? Choose between Mangalore and Bangalore. What does your name means? Do you think your name suits you? (some questions asked about current happenings and technical things)
Extempore: Born as a freedom fighter or Born in a free country?
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Work Experience of 30 months at Defence PSU shipyard
You have done a B.Tech in marine engineering? How is it different from marine engineering? What led you to choose naval architecture? How did you get a 9.55 in engineering? I mean, people get these scores in mathematics, but engineering? You've even done a lot of studies on ship accidents, and published blogs on these. Then why do you want to pursue a general course like MBA? Explain your work. What are your deliverables? Have you been awarded at work? What did you do differently from others to receive this award? You also managed shopfloor supervisors. They are surely more experienced than you. Didn't you face any resistance ever?
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Extempore: Given a chance, which one would you choose: Spotlight or Backstage?
Excerpt from Interview 4-
Candidate Profile: Work Experience of 2 years in social media marketing
From where have you come? Can you tell me the full form of Noida? Are you sure it’s area or is it authority? Why is there a decline in your academics? Why are you doing MBA after a 3 year gap? Suppose that I’m a HR recruiter. Pitch for your company’s services. Do you have any preference for a particular stream? What is your SNAP percentile? What is your CAT percentile? You must be having other good calls, why come so far and study here when you can get a better college near your city? Tell me about your family background.
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