SIBM Pune - Interview Experiences

For acceptance into a highly coveted business school, applicants need to attain a high score in an MBA entrance exam like SNAP. If you do well enough, you'll be invited to participate in subsequent rounds. In the meantime, prepare for your interview slated to be held for the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune. At this point, you'll have to contend with other MBA aspirants who, despite their individual backgrounds and educations, are just as bright as you are.
Your chances of getting into an MBA programme significantly increase if you present the most talented version of yourself to the admissions committee. Finding students who match the intellectual and professional requirements of an MBA programme is the primary objective of the selection process at every given business school. The admissions committee looks at candidates' overall profile and how they handle stress while making decisions.
About SIBM Pune
The Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) in Pune is one of the affiliated constituent institutions of SIU. It was founded in 1978 and has since gained acclaim both for its academic prowess and significant impact on industry, community, and students. SIBM offers admission to a full-time MBA as well as MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Selection Procedure at SIBM Pune
Applicants are initially screened in accordance with their SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test) scores. Those who make the cut have to go through written ability test (WAT), group exercise (GI), and personal interview (PI). The candidate's overall score in all these phases will ultimately determine whether or not they are accepted into the MBA programme.
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WAT Topics at SIBM Pune
The candidate’s written communication skills are tested in this round. Either a 3x3 matrix of words is provided, and the potential configurations of the sets of 3 words are specified (three rows, three columns, and two diagonals). Or a general latest topic is assigned. In some cases, the candidates are shown a video or set of pictures. Candidates are given a choice of structures and instructed to use all three in the opening paragraph of their essays.
A total of 16 minutes is given to construct a narrative linking them (including one minute to read). Candidates need to write between 120 and 150 words. The following list of words and themes were provided in WAT rounds of previous admissions:
  • Set of words: pandemic, import, covid-19, economy, rural India, mobile phones, etc.
  • If you want to develop, you must embrace change
  • Problems with airline insolvency
  • Video: A man walking in a street with a briefcase for the first 36-37 seconds, and in the last 2-3 seconds, he suddenly changes into fishnet stockings, puts on a wig and walks away.
  • Smart cities
  • GE Topics at SIBM Pune
    The candidates are split into groups of 8-10 each. Almost 25 minutes are dedicated to each group activity. Each group gets to see a series of slides on which are written or graphic descriptions of a current event. The candidates are given 2 minutes to prepare their responses, 6 minutes to express their opinions, 8 minutes for open conversation, and 2 minutes to conclude. The themes for GE topics of previous admissions are as follows:
  • Threat to the Ozone Layer
  • Unreliability of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Case study on a startup that was initially successful but then had to expand its operations to 8 cities.
  • Case study of on HR department experiencing high turnover and low productivity.
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    Interview Questions at SIBM Pune
    A group of two panellists, one coordinator, and one moderator conduct the interviews. Candidates are quizzed about their interests, achievements, preferences, job history, and objectives. Around 12-15 minutes are devoted to each individual interview. Candidates interviewed during past admissions shared the following questions from their experiences:
    Personality Traits & Goals
  • In your own life, who inspires you the most? Provide justification for each of these.
  • If you're already well-versed in IT and have a wide variety of hobbies and interests outside of work, then an MBA seems unnecessary.
  • What sets you apart from the rest of the applicants?
  • Academics & Work Experience
  • Describe a moment when you were late completing a task.
  • Exactly which "soft talents" do you believe a product manager should have, in your opinion?
  • What does Industry 4.0 mean?
  • What direction would you emerge from if you kept digging into the ground forever? Explain it mathematically.
  • Current Events & General Awareness
  • Can you tell me the Symbiosis’ tagline? Can you describe its logo's appearance?
  • Hobbies & Extra-Curriculars
  • You have engaged in debates. Then tell us one area of debate that you haven't mastered yet.
  • But you can accomplish all of this as an athlete as well. Therefore, why not go that way?
  • Describe the weirdest thing you've ever done.
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