SIBM, Pune(17-18)

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Process :
The selection process at SIBM Pune consists of a Case Study, Written Ability Test followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback – Group Exercise or Case Discussion
No. of participants : 8
Duration : 20 minutes
Read the case, discuss the solutions and write the suggested solutions on a chart pasted on the board
  • Case Study: Give HR, marketing, finance , operations solutions as a team for the problem
  • Case study: A dyeing company and its competitor. Suggest solutions that would help the company to survive.
Feedback - WAT/Picture Writing
Duration: 10 minutes
Read the article, give it a title, summarize it and mention five keywords in the article
  • An article on ‘net neutrality’ with some technical jargons.
Feedback – Extempore words :
(Given 1 minute to think, speak 5 sentences that would present the negative word in positive light)
  • Hide
  • Fear
  • Fright
  • Weak
Feedback - Personal Interview
No. of Panelists : 2
Excerpts from Interview 1 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech, Work ex
Why SIBM? Tell me about some famous alumni of SIBM Pune. So you've worked 1 year in IT. What didn't you like in the corporate world? Why did you quit your job? Tell us about the current state of Indian economy and where it needs to be improved? What is the current per capita income? What is the GDP of India and contributions of each sector? Which is the largest economy and next? What is their GDP figure? What are the essential differences between China and India? Why is their GDP 10T$ and why is India's 2.2T$? What do we call the form of government in China? Recently we have been hearing a lot about ratings and ranking- what do you know about these? Who gives these ratings? What is China's ranking in ease of doing business? You don't look nervous but why are you not even smiling? You keep a poker face all the time. Why - do you play poker? Which industry do you want to work in after MBA? Will you venture into your father's business? or will you setup a business of your own? What other calls do you have and what is your CAT score? I am being honest here. You seem to have good knowledge but I am not convinced why you need an MBA- Is it because of your lust for money or is it because of peer pressure? What is actually pushing you for MBA? Give me just one convincing reason- why MBA and why from SIBM? If we select you, what would you bring to SIBM and how will you influence your peers?
Excerpts from Interview 2 -
Candidate Profile : Fresher, B. Tech
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Why finance after engineering? On which side of the balance sheet, do assets lie and on which side do liabilities lie? You come from a dry state. So what do you do in your parties? Don’t you go to Ranakpur border? Tell the meaning of my name. Tell me something about my academics. Questions were asked from SNAP C and college project.
Excerpts from Interview 3 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech (CSE), Work ex
Tell us something about yourself. What was the last TED talk you watched? So, you mentioned you are working with CarDekho. How does it generate revenue? So you think this is the best way your company can generate revenue? You have written in your common form that after MBA, you will join a company like Amazon. Why so? So you don't think CarDekho can create a global impact? So, why won't you go back to the same company? Don't you think it can do well in future? What do you think you lack and how SIBM Pune would help you?
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