Institute of Rural Management Anand (2020 - 21)

The process consists of IRMASAT, followed by a personal interview. Due to Covid, WAT and GD were removed from the selection process. IRMASAT was conducted in an online proctored mode
IRMASAT-  There are 30 MCQs based on general awareness, rural schemes, etc.
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There was no negative marking. The duration of the test was 30 minutes.
Feedback Interview:
Candidate’s Profile: M.Tech
Questions:  Something about the city where the candidate lives? Why RM?  Whyhave you dropped 2 years?What do you know about the course? Why did you think of doing an MBA after M.Tech and & Not Ph. D? There are many other things you can do as well, like you can be a chartered accountant, or can study data science etc, what makes you choose MBA as the right option to pursue? Have you visited any village before? Do you have any questionsfor us?
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Feedback- Online IRMA Social Awareness Test (IRMASAT)
Questions: Atma Nirbhar Bharat ( RC passage )? Name of straw revolution author. The largest producer of maize? Name of the scheme of a green revolution. National development council formation? Who controls credit card rating? GPS application related to agriculture? Rajiv Gandhi National drinking water mission? Name of first full-time women Defense minister?
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