University Business School, Chandigarh(2016-17)

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The process of selection at UBS consists of Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback- Group Discussion
No. of participants : 15 to 20
Average Duration : 15- 20 mins.
GD Topics:
  • Will demonetization have a positive or negative impact in future?
Feedback- Personal Interview
Excerpt from Interview 1 -
Candidate Profile : Fresher,
Introduce yourself? What is your favorite subject? Why don’t you want to go for M.A. economics instead of MBA? What are Giffen goods? How does law of demand work? How many states in India have bicameral legislature? In which all states, elections are going on? Who is the finance minister of India? Who is the finance minister of Punjab? Why has the Lenin statute been demolished? What is your opinion on it?
Excerpt from Interview 2 -
Candidate Profile : B. Tech in Computer Science (Fresher)
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Introduce yourself? What is your favorite subject? What is SDLC? What are the other software development models used by companies? What is the difference between http and https? Why do you want to do MBA? What is your goal in life?
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