UBS Chandigarh - Interview Experiences

It is essential to crack the Common Admissions Test (CAT) in order to attend an elite business school. After that, you will need to face more rounds of selection before you are granted admission. And if you are one of the lucky ones who hear from the University Business School (UBS) of Panjab University, be prepared for the next challenge. Now that you are competing with a diverse pool of applicants for a spot in an MBA programme, you will stand out from others using your abilities.

To determine if an applicant's background and skills are a good fit for the rigorous demands of an MBA programme, schools use a stringent admission process. The panel evaluates candidates based on their knowledge, attitude, competency, and other crucial attributes necessary for the connected professions.

About UBS

Over the past four decades, University Business School (previously known as the Department of Commerce and Business Management) has provided students with a top-notch management education that has helped to produce countless successful business leaders, academics, and industry professionals. The Department of Commerce and Business Management at Panjab University was renamed University Business School (UBS) in 1995 to reflect the institution's progress in the field of management education in India. The institute is consistently ranked as one of India's best business schools.

In addition to general MBA programme, UBS offers MBA (Human Resource), MBA (Entrepreneurship) and MBA (International Business).

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Selection Process at UBS

In the first phase, the candidates are shortlisted as per their performance in CAT. These candidates have to attend group discussion and personal interview rounds. The interview phase generally includes an extempore round too. Based on the candidates’ scores in the above-stated stages, a final list of admissions is compiled.

NOTE: Since the last few years, the GD round is not conducted, but it may be resumed later.

GD Topics Given at UBS

Candidates are divided into groups of 15-30 and asked to discuss a given topic. There are 6-7 moderators in GD, and the topics are based on trending or general issues. The group has 5-7 Minutes to think and 15 minutes for discussion. Here are some of the topics assigned during GD rounds of past admissions:

● Our life is the result of our past choices.

● Long-term effects of demonetisation

● Digital India

● At what age should politicians begin their careers in public office?

● Will corruption reduce with privatisation?

Extempore Topics Given at UBS

Extempore forms a part of the interview stage. Here, the candidate is given a topic, for which they have a minute to think and 2-3 minutes to speak. Listed here are the extempore topics assigned in the last few years:

● Nepotism in Bollywood

● Biggest Reform Required in India

● Global Warming

Interviews Questions Asked at UBS

A panel of 3-4 people interview the candidates about their beliefs, work experience, educational background, and motivations. Some of the interview questions focus on recent events and the news in general. On the whole, each interview lasts between 10-15 minutes. Here are the questions faced by the candidates in the past admissions:

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Personality Traits & Goals

● In your opinion, is it not more practical to first gain work experience before pursuing post-graduate study?

● So, tell me, how have you spent the last 12 months?

Academics & Work Experience

● What can you tell me about meta tags in websites?

● Can you brief me on three accounting principles?

● What is Giga fibre?

● What do you mean by HTML?

● When comparing ‘http’ and ‘https’, what are the key differences?

● Is there a distinction between tax evasion and avoidance?

● What is Differentiation?

● Elucidate the workings of Blockchain Technology.

● How different are petrol and diesel engines?

Current Events & General Awareness

● What is GST?

● Who is Punjab's current Governor?

● Which companies are producing covid vaccine?

● Who is the finance minister of India?

● Who is the finance minister of Punjab?

● Please share your thoughts on the potential benefits of COVID-19 to various industries.

● Do you know how many Indian states are there? And UTs? Can you name all the UTs?

● Who else has invested in Jio, and why did they do it?

Hobbies & Extra-Curriculars

● Tell me about the various locations you've visited.

Can you recite a few shlokas?
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