University Business School, Chandigarh

The process of selection at UBS consists of a Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration: 15-20 mins
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Is the educated class pushing our country backward?
  • Is India a superpower in making?
  • Unequal distribution of income in India. What is the solution?
  • Globalization- pains and gains.
  • Growth and integrity are poles apart.
  • Environment concern- how grave is it?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-12 mins.
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: Which place do you belong to? Why do you want to get into UBS? Why is Punjab called Punjab? Name the 5 rivers of Punjab? Name the three regions of Punjab? Which region do you belong to? Name the 10 gurus of Sikhs? (student was a Sikh) What is capital budgeting? Can you comment on India's election system? Why do you want to do MBA? What are you planning to do after MBA?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2: Which is your favorite subject? Why do you like accounts? What are the different accounting ratios? Compare recession of 1930's with 2007-08? Who was the auditor's of Satyam's scam? Do you know what SAARC is? Name the SAARC countries? Comment on India's economic scenario. What is the rank of India amongst the largest economies of the world? What is the difference between GDP and GNP? What are your hobbies?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3: Tell us something about yourself. Why MBA? What is private sector? Which sector is it better to work with? Private or Government? What are the pros and cons of both the sectors? What mode of transactions is better- online or offline? Which sector is contributing maximum to the economy of India? Why is there a boom in the IT industry? What is the per capita income of India? How is per capita income calculated? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
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