Tata Inst. of Social Sciences(2017-18)

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The selection process at TISS consists of written ability test (WAT) followed by personal interview.
Feedback - WAT
Duration : 45 minutes
Topics (write on any two topics):
  • Should emotions play an important role in negotiations for an HR professional?
  • Problem of Public Health system in India
  • Role of India and China Economy in World Economy
  • Problems of Workers in Unorganised Sector.
  • Judicial activism in the context of development
  • Honor killing
Feedback - Personal Interview
No. of panelists : 3
Duration : 15-30 minutes
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile : Electrical Engineer (Fresher)
Interview Experience : What is the crisis going in Maldives? What is your opinion on it? What help can India provide in this situation? What is resistance? What is the difference between AC and DC? Explain the working of electrical instruments in the room (bulb, fan etc.)?
A case study was given : Nestle has recruited you as an HR. As you know Patanjali is giving a tough time to the food industry players, what strategy will you make to counter the competition?
Excerpt from Interview 2 -
Candidate Profile : Engineer, work ex
Introduce yourself. And why HR? Keep it brief. Did you read our syllabus? Which subject would you want to specialise in? So, what do you do at work? How exactly do you impact the project? Did you interact with your HR executives? You’re in a PSU. What do you think of the HR policies in your company? What could be the areas of improvement? And how can that happen? But don’t HR professionals already attend business meetings? What are the areas where you think the HR department of your company can be proactive? Who is your GM, HR? and AGM? So, why was there an agitation when the PRP (Performance Related Pay) system was introduced in the PSUs? But what do you think could be the reason behind the agitation? How would you rate the HR department of your company out of 5? You mentioned about the bell curve system and its disadvantages. What are its advantages?
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Suppose you are a HR manager of your present company, and you are at an IIM for recruitment. How will you differentiate your company from the other shipyards?
Consider a retail company. Its customers have given negative feedback on its social media page. Mr. X is looking forward to apply for a job at this company. He discovers these negative comments about customer service. Will this affect his willingness to join the company?
How do you evaluate yourself at work? What drives you professionally? Fame or money? When would you consider yourself professionally successful? How much work-ex do you have? Do you know the political affiliations of the labour unions in your company?
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