Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune

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The process of selection at SCMHRD consists of a WAT (Essay, pictorial), Case Discussion followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback – Essay
Average Duration: 30 mins.
  • Boxes by Amazon are being used by Flipkart as dustbins. You are spokesperson at Amazon and justify it by writing a tweet of not more than 100 words.
Essay based on Pictorial Description
  • An image showing a child who wakes up on bed that is placed on a cliff. Describe the situation.
  • An image of a castle in the middle of a mountain.
Feedback- Case Study/ Group Discussion
Average Duration: 15 mins
No. of Panelists: 2
  • Prove that Himalayas is the smallest peak.
  • During the Commonwealth 2010 games hosted by India, there were a lot of corruption charges. Give suggestions in order to prevent it in future.
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Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-15 mins.
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Excerpts from Interview 1: Introduce yourself, What are your strengths and weaknesses, Why MBA, What is your favorite pass time, Questions on cricket (as it was mentioned as a habit- In swinger ball, crease, types of crease), Three laws of Newton.
  • Excerpts from Interview 2: What is your favorite subject? (Mobile communication). What is the difference between GSM and CDMA? What do you mean by EOQ? Tell how many methods are there to measure depreciation? Difference between those methods. How can one decide which method to be used? Both methods if applied, do we get the same answer? Which specialization do you want to pursue in MBA? Why are you interested in Finance? What other calls do you have?
  • Excerpts from Interview 3: Introduce yourself, Why MBA, Discussion on world crisis news, Economy news, Explain oil crisis, Discussion on Strength weakness, Questions related to book authors and their writing styles, Extempore SK, Tell us something that's not written on the form, Discussion on family background, Discussion on career goals.
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