Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune (2020-21)

The process of selection at SCMHRD consists of two rounds of Essay Writing (WAT), a Group Exercise, a Group/Case Discussion and a Personal Interview.
Feedback – GD
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Total Duration: 12-15  minutes
No. of participants: 6
Topic- Is nuclear disarmament necessary?
(Participants were given 2 minutes to think and 1 minute to write down points, last 2 minutes for Conclusion)
Candidate’s Profile: B.Tech (Electrical engineering),  SNAP Percentile-99.91
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Questions: Started with greetings and shared a laugh as the panelists told now you have come at the right place at the right time. (As senior students were managing the online interview process.) Few questions were asked on the details filled in the form.Most of the interview was based on the details filled in the form. Tell us about yourself. Interrupted by a panelist, and asked how many times did you prepare this answer? Why MBA after engineering? Aren’t you wasting your 4 years Degree? Do you know about power cuts that are happening in the US?( Candidate is an Electrical engineer). How the candidate would handle this situation on the basis of qualities that he had mentioned in the form? What do u prefer most theoretical knowledge or practical knowledge? Why MBA and not work directly and get some practical Experience? What was the biggest mistake you made? And what was your realization/learning from that? And how did you handle it? The panelists asked if the candidate had any state level or national level certificate.
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