Institute of Management and Technology Ghaziabad (2020-21)

Due to the Covid situation, GD and WAT were removed from the selection process. So, this time, the candidates were asked to send a video recording how they make a good fit for IMT, later followed by an online interview.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
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Excerpt from Interview 1
Candidate’s Profile:Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Work Experience: 2 Years
Questions: Introduce yourself?You look different from what you looked at in the video. Why? Explain your domain of work and other job responsibilities that you handle? What are the roots of HSBC? The interview further cross questions regarding how technology could help in the future? Questions regarding the shift to marketing? The candidate was questioned regarding his job profile? Reasons to pursue MBA? Why not continue with the same job?
Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate’s Profile: A working professional.
Questions:Give us a brief introduction? Two points which you have not mentioned in the form? Tell us more about the company where you have been working? Explain the difference between a firm and a company? Questions on the game Chess? Questions based on recent elections in Tamil Nadu? Questions on Farmer’s protest and its implications? Which political leader do you preferor support- Trump or Biden? Why?
Excerpt from Interview 3
Candidate’s Profile: Graduate
Questions:What specialisation will you be opting for? Name the companieswhose campaigns you admire? Has Coca-Cola ever addressed the fact that they are an unhealthy product? Asked questions about the candidate’s internship with an influencer marketing agency. Like what is influencer marketing? How do you select Influencers? Difference between creativity and innovation since the candidate had mentioned creativity in her resume.  Questions based on lines from Statement of Purpose. Difference between services and products.
Excerpt from Interview 4
Candidate’s Profile: BBA graduate
Questions: Your grades have been decreasing overtime what is the reason for that?  Will it continue?  Why did you choose BBA after studying medical?  Why MBA? What are different activities you participated in college? What did you do in the last year as you completed your graduation in 2020?
Excerpt from Interview 5
Candidate’s Profile: B.Tech (Computer Science), Work experience: 2 years
Candidate had to submit a short video resume stating a short introduction and an SOP.
Questions: Tell me something about yourself? What you want to say from an innovative businessman? (Since the candidate had mentioned that he wanted to be an innovative businessman). Who is your role model? Recent achievements. Questions from engineering background were asked: About Java, Pointers, object oriented programming. Questions were easy at the start but mathematics took it in a different way. Matrix and in depth from matrix multiplication, types, examples, some more questions from Matrix( it was a surprise element for the candidate).Questions were asked on recent 3 burning issues/ news stories in India and across the world. No questions from work-experience were asked.  
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Excerpt from Interview 6
Candidate’s Profile: B.Tech (Food Technology and Management)
Questions: Why do you want to pursue MBA? Why not take placement and gain some work experience? Why you took food tech? Are you sure that what is going to be taught in management? What are the subjects of management? What is management?  What resources will you need when opening a restaurant? Superfood-Can we synthesis vitamin D? What are water soluble & fat soluble vitamin ? Omega-3 fatty acids? How is coffee grown in India? Where tea originated? Which tea is the healthiest?
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