Institute of Management and Technology Ghaziabad (2013 - 14)

The process of selection at IMT consists of a Case study based Group Discussion, WAT (summary of case study) and Personal Interview.
Feedback- Group Discussion with case study
Average Duration : 10 mins.
No. of Panelists : 2
No. of Participants : 14
  • Case Study – New employee – target 90% achieved, your boss still happy, fellows jealous, tackle?
  • Is Google search engine quelling innovation?
  • FB & Twitter have changed the recruiting process. Is this practice right/wrong?
  • Treated like king/queen C3 of high fees.
  • Case Study – Treating MBA teachers as sellers and students as customers
Feedback- Essay/Summary Writing
Average Duration: 2-5 mins.
  • WAT – summary of case study
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15 mins.
No. of Panelists: 2
  • Excerpts from Interview 1 : (A 97.91%iler in CAT with a background of Mech. Engg. (Production) in 82%, 74% in 12th and 86% in 10th). Name 3 CM’s with states? Hobby-watching TV & learning new things. How a train moves? What is Production Engineering? Where is it used? What is difference between production & operations? What speciality? Family background? Name any 3 big newspapers & big channels? Who is the Vice President of India?
  • Excerpts from Interview 2 : (A 95.32%iler in CAT with 211 score in NMAT with profile as 72.7% in ECE, 69.2% in 12th and 85.2 in 10th). Tell how a TV works? 2G, 3G, 4G (Difference 900 Mhz & 1800 Mhz) because of auctions in news. Swimming – Michael Phelps.
  • Excerpts from Interview 3 : (A 98.93%iler in CAT, 96.07 in XAT and 97 in SNAP with B.Tech in ECE with academic profile as CGPA 8.05 in Graduation, 88% in 12th and 94.8% in 10th). Introduce? Why IMT? Hobbies – public speaker – speak about (Arvind Kejriwal being only a 49 day CM).
  • Excerpts from Interview 4 : (A 99.09%iler in CAT and 97.4 in SNAP with B.Tech in Mechanical with academic profile as 78.5% in Graduation, 83% in 12th and 95.2% in 10th). What is the G.D.P. growth rate of India? Final Year project? Something about Chandigarh? Recent novel – little detail?
  • Excerpts from Interview 5 : (A 97.91%iler in CAT with 2 years of work experience with graduation in B.Com and CA (Inter) and CS (Executive) and academic profile as 76% in Graduation, 86% in 12th and 92% in 10th). Why interview early? Describe outside form (you). Labour Laws? Labour Inspector in your industry. Minimum wage Act? Wages of your workers? Tell about business. Spectacles catchy.
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