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Successful applicants to top business schools typically have excellent scores in entrance tests like Common Admissions Test (CAT). If you are one of those to get shortlisted by the renowned International Management Institute (IMI), there are a few more hurdles to clear before you are granted final admission. Assuming admission to the esteemed IMT is in the cards for you; you should start preparing for the next round of the selection process immediately. Applicants from all walks of life and set of skills are going to be your competitors.
The admission committees at B-schools look for students who would benefit academically and professionally from the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)/ Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme.
About IMI
Established in 1981, International Management Institute (IMI) is India's pioneering business school supported by corporates. It extends PGDM programme at the Delhi, Kolkata, and Bhubaneswar campuses. The institute was founded by RPG Enterprises in conjunction with IMD (International Institute for Management Development) in Geneva. Besides the general PGDM, IMI provides PGDM (HRM) and PGDM (B&FS). It also offers executive and fellowship programmes in management.
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Selection Procedure at IMI
To begin with, IMI shortlisted potential candidates on the basis of their scores in CAT/ XAT/ GMAT and past academics. These candidates are then required to attend the individual screening process, consisting of a written ability test and a personal interview (including extempore) rounds. In addition to a candidate's previous academic grades and entrance test scores, the final selection heavily weighs on their performance in WAT-PI, job experience and extracurricular activities.
WAT Topics Given at IMI
Candidates are given a topic and 20 minutes to compose an essay on it. Topics for WAT are generally from current events or other common concepts. In the set amount of time, an essay of around 250-300 words can be written. Here are some of the WAT topics assigned during past admissions:
  • Bitcoin: A Phenomenon or Temporary Trend?
  • Covid's Effect on Various Industries
  • Environment vs development
  • How India's growing population can be used to the country's advantage?
  • Increased nationalism in several nations
Extempore Topics Given at IMI
This is an oral presentation of the candidate's thoughts on a specified topic, typically for 1-2 minutes. During the interview, candidates are asked to speak on any topic of their choice or given a latest event-based theme. In recent years, candidates were asked to respond to the following prompts:
  • During the COVID era, how has digital marketing helped companies?
  • Diversity in India
  • Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
  • Share your thoughts on the most recent book you read.
Interview Questions at IMI
Each candidate's interview is of 15-30 minutes. A panel of 3-5 people ask the candidates about their beliefs, motivations, aspirations, successes, and topics of their interest. Some interviews are dominated by general knowledge questions, and several candidates are subjected to cross-questioning. The professionally experienced ones are asked about their job profiles and related responsibilities. Check out the actual interview questions from previous IMI admissions at Delhi and Kolkata:
Academics & Work Experience
  • In the field of finance, what did you major in?
  • Define the Kirchoff current and voltage law.
  • Can you describe a typical day during your internship in data mining?
  • As part of your BBA degree, you focused on growing as a person. How have you used this knowledge in the real world?
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Current Events & General Awareness
  • Do you know about Greta Thunberg?
  • Can you name a few well-known women who have achieved success in the business sector?
  • Who is India's Chief Electoral Officer?
  • What part of Gurgaon in India would you be coming from to begin your journey?
  • Explain the appeal of BFSI.
  • Describe three municipal problems you encountered while in Gurgaon and offer suggestions for improving the city.
Personal Information & Goals
  • To which IMI campus did you apply? What do you like better between PGDM and PGDM BFSI?
  • Please tell us about your ancestry.
Hobbies & Extra-Curriculars
  • Share with us the story of the former Bihar IAS official who succeeded as a writer.
  • What do you cook? Is there any fusion that you've made? What are the ingredients for the famous dishes of Bihar?
  • To which newspaper do you subscribe? Who owns it and runs it as CEO? Do you have any idea who owns other English newspapers?
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