International Management Institute, Delhi (2020 - 21)

The selection process at IMI consists of Essay Writing (WAT), and Personal Interview (including an extempore).
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 250-300
  • Imagination is important than knowledge to be a good leader?
  • Impact of Covid on different sectors.
Feedback - Extempore
  • How digital marketing has been profitable for a business or a company during COVID times?
  • How can upliftment of women be done in villages? (The candidate had mentioned about volunteer experience related to village)
(Candidates were given 2 minutes to speak and 30 seconds to think)
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1
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Candidate’s Profile: BCA Fresher
Introduce yourself, what you did after graduating. Many general questions about the candidate’s academic background were asked. The panel lists elaborate further on the news regarding the reduction in African poverty due to digital marketing and then asked about the candidate’s opinion. Also, give examples of such cases in India. The candidate spoke about a term in digital marketing which was very famous during COVID times. Tell us about the famous IAS officer who became a writer and he is from Bihar. (The candidate is from Bihar)
Famous actors and actresses from Bihar. The interviewer then asked an actress whom he had seen in an award show and enquired about her. What do you do in leisure time ? Asked about famous paintings in Bihar, what makes it is so famous, which colour dominates in the painting? What all do you cook? Have you created any fusion? Famous food in Bihar and what is it made of? As the candidate had lived in 3 different States from time to time, therefore the female panel list asked the candidate to compare all the 3 states?
Name few famous females in the corporate world? Done. Any questions for us?
Excerpt from Interview 2
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Questions: Tell us about yourself? What work do you do in Data Mining Internship? How is data cleaning done? How to store unorganized data? What is the way to combine results of multiple database ? What motivated you to do MBA? Are you aware about Greta Thunberg? Why is she in news? Who is Malala Yousafzai? Who is current speaker of Lok Sabha? Few questions related to Budget? What does “ pawri “ mean?
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