Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2020 - 21)

The selection process at IIM A consists of Academic Writing Test (AWT)/case study and personal interview round.
Feedback – Academic Writing Test (AWT)/Case Study
Average Duration: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 250-300 words
General Instructions for AWT- Reasoning behind a particular argument?. State how do you find authors line of reasoning. How would you be able to strengthen/weaken the argument? Do you find the conclusion logical ? Give your views regarding the same.
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AWT  topic- 1.   Privatisation of education sector in India.
                       2.  Dalai Lama about living a spiritual life. Justify
Feedback - Personal Interview
Excerpt from Interview 1
Candidate’s Profile: Bachelor of Arts (History,Economics,Public Administration as major subjects)
Interview Duration: 20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Questions:Why do Guntur district people very fond of spicy food (Candidate is from Guntur  Andhra Pradesh) and why people in Gujarat are not? Economics related questions like explain the Mundell Fleming model, foreign exchange etc.What do you think are the major historic incidents that have taken place in the last century? What have you done since graduation ?  (Candidate had passed his graduation in October 2020). What are your hobbies? (Candidate had mentioned Photography). Questions were asked about camera's working principle and how to get a perfect picture? Questions were based on some important occupations in the candidate’s town and the things he knows about them.
Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate’s Profile: Graduation (B.Tech) Work  experience- 10 months
Questions:Pleasantries exchanged.So this is a different field for us, tell us about the textiles engineering? Which fibre is best in terms of feel and strength? Compare synthetic and natural fibres with technical terms? What have you done after giving CAT exam?  So what is special about Elephanta caves? In Maharashtra there are other caves too like Elephanta, can you name them? So you are from Nashik, what is special about Nashik? Nothing else? Like religious place! Why is Nashik called Nashik? Name any three manufacturing companies in Nashik? There is a manufacturing unit near Sula, can you name it? (The panelist replied- There is Mahindra.) Asked them, can I ask you a question?  They said go ahead. Sir, if you someday visit sula, what will be your attraction, like some manufacturing unit? One of the panel member said- I totally agree, I will concentrate on my wine and nothing else. Are you comfortable with statistics?  Ok no issues, we are done.
Excerpt from Interview 3
Candidate’s Profile: BSc. Hons (Horticulture),Fresher.
Questions : Tell me about yourself? Asked about what's Bagalkot famous for ? ( The candidat’e university is at Bagalkot). What is your favourite subject? Mention important technologies in Post harvest? What is CA storage? Who won the World food prize last year? Mention some important personalities in the field of Horticulture? Discussion on Maggi issue.  Was given a graph to plot?  Summarise your opinion on WAT  topic .
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Excerpt from Interview 4
Candidate’s Profile: Graduate
Questions: Introduce yourself? Questions were based on Agriculture as the candidate had done graduation in Agriculture.Why MBA? Give reasons. What would the two things you would do had you been the agriculture minister of the country. Questions based on the candidate’s hobby? Your opinion on Farmer’s Protest? Name Agri Business Companies? What is GDP? Few questions based on current scenario in Agriculture sector. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
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