Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2013 - 14)

The selection process at IIM A consists of an Essay Writing (WAT) followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback- Essay Writing/Case Study
Average Duration: 15-30 mins
No. of Participants: 7
  • Case Study: Entrepreneurship in India.
  • A college event which has changed you as a person.
  • Case Study based GD: Village has all amenities, crop failure, loan on cash, minister help. What as farmers could be done? (ABM)
  • Case Study: remote village – community farming – involving. Discuss. (IIM A-ABM)
  • Case Study: RBI initiative to pull out of circulation the old currency.
  • Essay Topic: Historical monument which made you thinks out of the mundane.
  • Write an essay on a mathematician/historian that has inspired you.
  • Case Study: GPS System – Boon or Bane – Should it be moderated or allowed freely in the market.
  • Case Study based on legalization of marijuana in India.
  • Which cartoon character has inspired you the most (100 words).
  • RBI has asked to return old notes. Underlying reasons? What can make it more effective in getting this exercise? Historical monument that has inspired you.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15-25 mins.
No. of Panelists: 2
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: (A 98.98%iler in CAT with B. Tech in Food Technology with profile as 8.04 (CGPA) graduation having 78% in 12th and 92.8% in 10th). Food preservation. Arvind Kejriwal – Awards, RTI, Activist, History? Inflation, Gold and Oil imports, Forex, Rupee depreciation? Ukraine-Russia Issue? Heat exchangers?
    Genetically modified crops. (BT Brinjal etc.). Food preservation, packaging, heat and cold treatment? Food companies (Pepsico, Haldiram), Indra Nooyi. Why ABM – food surplus – food security, storage? Hobbies-dancing (free style), photography (SLR, DSLR, Shutter, Lens, Best Brand)? Current Affairs – Elections, Sahara issue. (IIM A-ABM Interview)
  • Excerpts From Interview 2: (A 81%iler in CAT with non-general category with B. Tech in Bio-Tech with academic profile as 65% in graduation, 85% in 12th and 90.3% in 10th). Introduce yourself? Marketing for Kings XI Punjab? Favourite topics in academic. Recombinations? Stem Cells? Theory of evolution? Hobbies-football. Football World Cup 2018 where – Australia? Which one would you choose IIM-A (ABM) or IIM I?
  • Excerpts from Interview 3: (A 99.96%iler in CAT with work experience of 10 months and graduation in Mechanical with CGPA 9.48, 87% in 12th and 94.7% in 10th). Tell something not in the form. Economic reforms in India. Women in 3rd world development? HDI? Public – Pvt Partnership. Target of India’s disinvestment. Role in future’s first – Difference in futures and forwards and options. What are options – types? (All these are financial contracts). Is trading ethically wrong? Defend yourself. (Speculations). Hobbies – (Book – non – fiction).
  • Excerpts From Interview 4: (A 99.54%iler in CAT with 4 year of work experience in different fields). Home town – Controversies surrounding CM. Favourite extracurricular activity when away from work, what do you like to make time for – (watch football) – favourite club? Business model? Describe job profile – Marketing? Favourite subject from graduation – Ratan Tata has been quoted to say that Tata Nano was not marketed properly – comment on that?
  • Excerpts From Interview 5: (A 86.95%iler in CAT with general category (physically handicapped) with CGPA 8.57 in B.Tech, 89.6% in 12th and 93.6% in 10th). Background? Engineering logical set of equations and draw a gate (Digital Electronics). Moores Law – detail? Appliances in your room which are electronics embedded system in the room – example? Discussion of the essay (G.P.S) what are your views on it?
  • Excerpts From Interview 6: (A 99.09%iler in CAT with CGPA 9.53 in Aeronautical Engineering (PEC), 94.6% in 12th, 93% in 10th). What is your role in art and photography by club in college? Why are so many students here from PEC? Is it a good college? Calculate the sum total of all elements in a Sudoku Grid. What is a magic square? Can the runway length be made zero in an aircraft? What is the speed of a commercial aircraft? Why not continue in aeronautical? What would you suggest to Air India on an operational basis?
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