Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (2017 - 18)

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The selection process at IIM A consists of Academic Writing Test (AWT) followed by personal interview round.
Feedback – Written Test (WAT)
Average Duration: 20-30 minutes
Word Limit: 250-300 words
  • Excerpt from passage 1:
    Social media is has helped in making our world more democratic. It helps politicians reach out to the people. Even people looking to gain traction in politics can share their views and build up popularity helping them enter the political circle. Social media also helps to reach out to people to gather funds. Forums like Facebook and WhatsApp helps people communicate between themselves. Hence, social media can only lead to a harmonious future.
    1. What are the claims made here?
    2. What is the reasoning provided here?
    3. Is the reasoning strong or weak?
    4. Give reasons.
  • Excerpt from passage 2:
    Technology impacts the way how children think and feel. They tend to think superficially and lose creativity. The ones who spend too much time online tend to lose focus. So they should be kept away from technology till they are 12 years old.
    Take stand for or against it and explain.
    1. Identify the author’s claim(s).
    2. What is the reasoning behind them?
    3. Whether the reasoning is weak or strong?
    4. Justify your stand.
  • Excerpt from passage 3:
    “IITians are offered subsidy for their education and it is taxpayers’ money. They end up taking management jobs and hence it is a wasteful expenditure on them”. Write the claim of the author, whether you agree or not and why?
  • Excerpt from passage 4:
    “The #MeToo campaign has been quite an exaggerated one. It is ruining the foundations of our society and worsening the current situation regarding trust on men. These allegations on men, who were respected in the society otherwise, could be disregarded until these numbers become sensational.” Explain the author’s reasoning and whether you agreed to it or not?
  • Excerpt from passage 5:
    “People say that money is not important for happiness, but I believe money can buy you things like trips abroad and other things that will make you happy. Also, those who say that money is not important are in fact consoling themselves for their inability to earn more. Concepts such as job satisfaction are pointless, because if you earn enough doing something that you don’t like to do, you can retire early and enjoy your post retirement life with that money. Therefore, money is very important for happiness in life.”
    1. What is/are the main arguments made by the author?
    2. Do you agree with those arguments?
    3. Justify your opinions.
  • Excerpt from passage 6:
    The Kannada Development Authority recently protested against the conducting of a Staff Selection Commission recruitment exam in Karnataka and Kerala to fill the posts of clerks, assistants and data entry operators as the exam was conducted only in English and Hindi. The KDA felt that it would put the local aspirants at a disadvantage as they wouldn't be able to attempt it in their mother tongue. SSC countered by saying that the jobs being central government based, would be subject to transfer to other states, where they would be at a disadvantage. The conducting of a language test before moving to other states is not feasible. Hence candidates should know Hindi to attempt the test.
    1. What is the claim?
    2. What is the reasoning provided?
    3. Is the reasoning strong or weak? Why?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-35 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile:  B.Tech (Mechanical) with work Experience of 8 months in ITC Ltd
 So, you are a mechanical engineer and you are working in ITC? So you promote cigarette sticks which cause cancer? What value do you provide? So you are saying that doctors should recommend cigarettes to people who are suffering from constipation? You have made your point. You have defended your company. Now tell me do you think ITC is an ethical company? Are businesses ethical? So you are saying that the money which was paid to the Government of India for the furtherance of the arms deal was ethical? What is legality and ethics? Can you tell me something which is legal yet unethical? (The candidate mentioned about case of a dam set up on river Narmada) Who made this dam? Where is this dam situated? Where is the river Narmada? Please draw it on the map. Is it in Himachal Pradesh? The candidate drew a large circle around Gujarat and to its right.) So it is in Rajasthan? Okay you have mentioned in your SOP that you have also mentioned that production always prefers a buffer of excess inventory. What does this statement mean? Why do they prefer long running jobs? Why do they want to reduce changeovers? What are the costs involved? What other costs are there? What about labour cost? Let us talk about other industries and not the manufacturing industry. Do you think there are changeover costs associated with other industries? What about software industry? What if we finish that program properly and now move onto another program? But don’t you think that there would be training costs involved? Tell me difference between operation of external and internal combustion engine. Tell me about the laws of thermodynamics. What do you do during your free time? (The candidate mentioned about playing football.) Who is the captain of the Indian Football Team? India is a country where there is a lot of income inequality. What can be done to solve that problem?
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Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile:  Fresher, B. Tech (Engineering Physics)
You are from Jhansi, you studied in Guwahati but I’m seeing you here in Delhi. Why not Calcutta? So tell me about all that you’ve done in the past 4 years in IIT Guwahati? Have you taken any prior coaching or professional training for this interview? Whenever I talk to you IIT guys, you all are like, “Sir I didn’t study much”. Why? What’s the problem? Why, what happened after 2 years? What realization? Did you somehow sleep one night and woke up next morning metamorphosed to just score high grades? So what all did you study in Physics? What does Cosmology mean? I want to know something from the subject that would seem intriguing to people if I tell them. What is it? What is Spacetime? Why are you considering time as a fourth coordinate? What is the significance of this coordinate? (Some more specific questions on the same topic) Do you have any hobbies? Any extra-curricular you participated in? (The candidate mentioned writing as his hobby) So do you maintain a diary? When did you start writing? So this is an outlet in a way? How has all this helped to transform you as a person? What’s the difference between empathy and compassion? (Some more questions on the same topic) Can you tell me something about river Brahmaputra? Is it called Brahmaputra in China as well? And what is it called  in Bangladesh? Sounds like Yamuna? Is it Yamuna? Where does it originate from in China? Give me the exact name. So any issue on the river you might know about? What can we do to stop it? What can Assam government do? And what can the central government do? What else would you do? How will you divert the water? Are you trying to pull off a Narmada canal here? (Some more specific questions on the same topic) Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (The candidate mentioned teaching) Why? So who is nobler, a Teacher or a Doctor? (The candidate’ mother works in education department and his father is a doctor)
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: Fresher, B. Com (Hons.)
Introduce yourself. How has B Com (H) given you a holistic view? (Some specific questions on marketing) So, you mentioned that your maternal uncle is a retailer and faces competition, what kind of a market does he operate in, in context of economics? Would you like to change this answer? So, Kirori Mal College didn’t teach you about monopolistic competition? Then, how did you attract more customers? Didn’t you offer discounts? Do you read newspaper? Or are you just interested in the soft news about marketing and sales offers? Have you read that the method of calculating national income in India has changed recently? Why are you ignorant about it? Does your marketing not account for the national income? Is Marketing an Industry? There are 3 sectors in India? So, where does your marketing fall? How is national income calculated in India? Explain the product method. What is GVA? How to go from GVA to National Income? How is FC calculated in the primary sector? Are you trying to tell me the budget?
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