Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (2017 - 18)

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The selection process at IIT MUMBAI consists of Essay Writing (WAT) followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback - Essay Writing (WAT)
Instructions: Conclude the case study in 50 words or 3 lines
  • Is reservation valid in today’s time? Justify your answer.
  • Recently there have been many fires in restaurants. What can be done to restrict these?
  • Case: A university is facing problems as the students are downloading videos and doing illegal downloads from restricted websites, in the turn making the connectivity very slow and the college is receiving complaints also. Prepare a policy for that.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15-25 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Mechanical) with work experience
What were your favorite subjects? Explain lapping, honing and grinding. Why are these used? What are surface finish values? Can you tell us a few methods to judge surface roughness? Why is Carnot cycle not used? What can be done to achieve Carnot-like values? How does shaper machine work? Explain its mechanism. Draw mechanism and show the angles. Why is slider crank not appropriate? What are the types of grinding? Did you read today’s news? Tell me the headlines. How many demands of farmers were accepted? What about other demands. Any other news you know about? How many IITs are there? How many States are there? How many engineering colleges are there? Give an approach to count. How many students graduate from engineering? How many of them are employable?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: B. Tech (CSE) with work experience
Introduce yourself? What is your role in the company? Explain your current project. Mention some open source software? Why open source is better? Explain your major project? What are the principles of MAM technology? What are its practical applications? What are your hobbies?
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Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: B.E. (Chemical) with work experience
Your schooling was all done at your home town? And then you did BE from? What is your work experience? What are the different types of products of your company? Was that job plant based? Why did you change your job? What are your present job responsibilities? Why do you want to do MBA? Will you remain in the same core industry, or change to other management streams? How was the GD? Why couldn’t you speak well? Are you taking part in games and sports, or left all? What are your interests?
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