National Institute of Industrial Engineering (2019 - 20)

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In 2020, the process of selection at NITIE consisted of an online interview.
Feedback - Online Interview
The interview required the candidates to record their answers for a set of six standard questions and the last question was a surprise question (different for everyone). In other words, it was like an extempore.
General Instructions:
  • Candidates are to deliver a talk (or speech) of maximum 7 minutes on the following six points:
  1. Candidate Profile/Introduction (Name, location, educational background, etc.)
  2. Project/s related details, if any.
  3. Job profile and challenges faced in job (for experienced candidates) or Role of AI/Machine Learning in the areas of their discipline or similar topic (for freshers).
  4. Specific achievements like publications, awards, etc. or participations in technical events.
  5. Why have you chosen NITIE?
  6. Your career goal
  • After 7 minutes, a surprise question will appear, on which the candidate has 10 seconds to read/think and maximum 2 minutes to answer. The question will be based on any general topic.
Surprise/special Questions:
Following are some of the surprise questions/extempore topics put to the candidates:
  • Meaning of Life
  • The Great Depression 1930
  • The GIG Economy
  • Principles of Lean Management
  • Can India be a $5 trillion economy?
  • Despite the Indian rupee losing its value to the US dollar, the Indian stock market was stable before coronavirus epidemic (Covid 19), what according to you is the reason for that?
  • Can farmers double their income by 2022?
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  • What is MOOC?
  • If FedEx and Ups are combined, what can it be named?
  • What are the Bretton wood agencies?
  • What is the role and function of BIMSTEC?
  • Role of a manager in a typical business
  • Can machine learning replace human beings?
  • Role of data science in combating coronavirus
  • Blockchain
  • How can education policy in India be ameliorated?
  • Does democracy create hurdles during emergency situations?
  • Is EQ better than IQ?
  • Difference in 4G and 5G
  • Delhi pollution
  • Implementing environment friendly things in your sector or in any other sector.
  • Whether it's better for an entrepreneur to get work experience or not?
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