K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research (2020 - 21)

The process of selection at KJ Somaiya consists of Group/Case Discussion and Personal Interview.
Feedback – Group/Case discussion
Topic: Cashless economy
Feedback – Personal Interview
Duration: 15-20 minutes
No. of Panellists: 2
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Excerpt from Interview 1
Candidate’s Profile: Mechanical Engineer. Work experience- 11 months
Questions: Introduce yourself. Why MBA and not MTech? If you want to do MBA in Operations, will you be able to handle customer when needed? Some questions were asked on Chess. (The candidate had mentioned that he can play chess blindfolded). What skills did you learn during your work experience? Who is the competitor of the company where you were employed ? Do you know any company (international) which is in fire fighting and automatic sprinkler system? Some more questions related to work experience.
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Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate’s Profile: B.Arch
Questions: Why do you want to pursue MBA? Why MBA after Architecture? Give reasons for us to select you? Few questions on General Awareness? What are your hobbies? Questions on current business news. Some questions on History and facts of Kolkata? Questions on West Bengal Elections? Few questions on latest trends in Architecture? Which area of specialization will you opt for in MBA? 
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